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Choice is a beautiful thing. Berliners love it. We love it. Big Berlin taxi companies don’t. The only thing these companies care for is maintaining the old, blocking the new, preventing more people from having more choice, failing consumers and their own drivers.

Uber is evolving the way people move around their cities by bringing choice. Uber is committed to bring Berliners this choice and it will therefore heartily defend itself from any (legal) action aimed at preventing riders and drivers from accessing these options in Berlin or elsewhere in Germany. Legal actions initiated by incumbents such as Leipold, only serve vested interests, curbing choice and limiting new economic opportunities.

In respect of the injunction, it is important to clarify the facts. It is applicable to Berlin only. And we plan to vigorously appeal it and defend the underlying claim made by the claimant. To be clear, the claimant has so far chosen not to serve or enforce the injunction. Uber therefore will continue to provide its services in Berlin. The residents of this innovative and forward looking city continue to deserve – and demand – the benefits offered by Uber’s technology.