Shenzhen is much more than it’s “Special Economic Zone” title suggests. It is considered China’s utopia for technology and a major hub for innovation. That is why we are excited to announce – Uber has begun testing in Shenzhen!

Download the Uber app on your iPhone or Android device and register with your credit card. Pinpoint your location and within minutes of requesting, a professional driver will appear with a luxurious Audi A6L stocked with Wi-Fi, water and chargers. Your private driver will be ready to take you wherever you want – whether you are crossing the HK Border, strolling the OCT Loft, or dining at your favorite spot in CoCo Park.

Secret Ubers are available around Nanshan, Futian and Luohu neighborhoods in Shenzhen. Please keep in mind that during this testing phase, availability may be limited.

New to Uber? Use the promo code “SecretSZ” for one free ride up to RMB 200.

We look forward to making your very own Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, even more Special!