China Drives Forward with New Regulations

Today the Government of China released national guidelines on the regulations of online ridesharing services like Uber. While the details of how these regulations are implemented will fall to cities and provinces, this is a welcome step in a country that has consistently shown itself to be forward-thinking when it comes to innovation.

Within a few short years, ridesharing services like Uber have been embraced by policymakers around the world. From Mexico to Australia to Estonia and now China, services like Uber are delivering benefits to riders looking for more ways to get around, drivers looking for new economic opportunities, and cities looking to manage congestion and extend the reach of public transit. Modern regulations can let these services grow while ensuring public safety and protecting consumers.

In China, Uber is already operating in over 60 cities and we plan launch in another 30 cities in the next few months. By the end of this year, we aim to be in over 100 cities. In every city where we operate, riders, drivers and city planners embrace the benefits that Uber’s platform offers. We look forward to working with national and local governments to put these regulatory guidelines into practice.