When we launched Business Profiles our goal was simple – to help keep work and personal rides separate. With nearly a million riders now using Business Profiles just two months since launch, we knew we struck a chord. That is why today, we are excited to announce the launch of a new feature with Business Profiles — Auto-Expense.

While we can’t eliminate expense reports, we can make it as easy as possible to file them when riding on Uber. With Auto-Expense you can link your Business Profile to your expense provider, like preferred partner Concur as well as Expensify, Certify, and Chrome River. Next time you ride on your Business Profile a copy of your receipt will be automatically sent for reimbursement.

We all know filing expense reports can be a pain and most of us miss a receipt every month. At Uber, we strive to ensure our business riders never have to pay out of pocket for expensable trips. With Auto-Expense, you’ll never have to spend time sorting through emails or forget to file an Uber receipt again!

With our partnerships with Concur, Expensify, Certify, and Chrome River we cover the vast majority of the managed expense market so that business riders have the ability to simplify expensing with just one tap no matter what.

“We pay close attention to the behavior and needs of our 32 million end users around the world – and take steps to provide the best customer experience. Our integration with Uber is an example of this as we saw business travelers using Uber grow by 220 percent from 2014 to 2015. That’s a lot of receipts. We’re pleased to continue our partnership with Uber to make reimbursement of rides a simple experience for Concur customers globally.”  

— Barry Padgett, Chief Product Officer at Concur

Activate Auto-Expense Today

We’ve worked to ensure Auto-Expense is as simple as possible. To enable, follow the steps below after creating your Business Profile.

Auto-Expense on Uber

Our goal is to make business travel on Uber as seamless as possible in over 69 countries around the world. Now with Auto-Expense, you can have the peace of mind that you’re saving time and money — before and after the ride.


Here’s what we’ve seen so far from Uber riders that have adopted a Business Profile:

Expense-integration 1 New York, San Francisco and Mexico City have the most Business Profiles created globally
Expense Integration 2 2 out of the top 10 cities with the most Business Profiles are in India – New Delhi & Bangalore
Expense Integration 3 Top Personal Profile emojisu4b emoji 1u4b emoji 2u4b emoji 3
Top Business Profile emojis: u4b emoji 4 u4b emoji 5 u4b emoji 6
Expense Integration 5 Nearly two million expense codes added
Expense Integration 6 Over 200,000 companies with riders on Business Profiles
Expense Integration 7 The average business rider with Business Profiles takes ~4 business trips a month.

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