Grab your alphorns* and Swiss-precision timepieces, Zurichers –  secret Ubers are arriving now in Europe’s finest lakeside city!

Let’s face it – living in Zurich sure has its perks. The finest cheeses and chocolates are at your fingertips, unparalleled skiing can be discovered in your backyard, and trains arrive at the precise moment they’re expected. Pretty. Awesome. (It’s no wonder Zurich is voted one of the best cities in the world to live in year after year!)

Well, we certainly can’t compete with the local world-class chocolatiers, cheesemakers, or mountain ranges. However, when it comes to travelling, we’ve got a hunch we can help the world’s most efficient transportation network become just a little more Swiss.

Long-time Uber veteran and Swiss tennis sensation Stanislas Wawrinka thought so too when he opened the Uber app, seizing the opportunity to grab the first Uber in Switzerland and earn the Rider 0 title for Uber Zurich. Congrats, Stan and best of luck to you!  #HoppSchwiiz!

Stan Wawrinka Rider 0

Yes, Uber Zurichers, “testing phase” for Uber Zurich does mean “crazy awesome rides around Züri”. However, “testing phase” does also mean “testing phase” – Uber supply may be limited during this time. Rest assured that we’ll be adding cars every day until your private transportation experience is running as smoothly and efficiently as the Swiss timepiece you’re wearing on your wrist.

Uber Zurich is hiring!

Have a crazy passion for Uber, an intimate knowledge of Zurich, and the ability and hustle to make Uber Zurich one of the best cities in on-demand private transportation? We’re hiring a General Manager to lead the Zurich/Swiss market and a fiery Community Manager to rock marketing, social media, and support. Let us know if you know the perfect person for the job – if we hire your intro we’ve got some free Uber credits coming your way!

As always, we appreciate your feedback! Give us a shout at or follow us @uber_zurich on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Stay tuned, much more to come!

*sufficient room for alphorns in UberBLACK luxury vehicles not guaranteed.