5 Years of Rides in Zurich!

June 1, 2018 / Zurich

How 5 years have flown! It seems like yesterday that we arrived in Zurich to set up our first Swiss branch, yet now we’re celebrating our 5th anniversary here.
Here’s our story so far, and how we’re making a move in your direction in the future.

Right from the very start, our goal has been to bring you closer to what moves you, from our first St. Moritz Pop Up Week in February 2014, to UberTREES in 2015, or even UberCHOPPER in January 2016. From sweet treats, to makeovers, to pitch nights, we’ve done a lot together! And it’s only the beginning.

We’re taking our 5-year anniversary as an opportunity to celebrate, but also to focus on how we will keep moving forward with you.

Our future

We’ve worked hard over the last few years to bring new, creative ideas to life in Zurich. But we also want to look further ahead, together. We have a long-term plan and this involves sustainability. That’s why we’ve launched sustainable rides with UberGREEN, a pilot project launched in 2017 in a few cities around the world aiming at reducing CO2 emissions.

Our long term goal? Make your transportation journey seamless through intermodal options that range from bus and train to bike and Uber.

Your safety

Whether you’re an occasional user or a frequent rider, Uber’s here to get you home, safely. Quite rightly, you want reliable, prompt and safe service, wherever your destination might be. That’s why our commitment is putting your safety first.

With Uber, drivers have security checks, not just when they first enroll with us. For extra peace of mind, we’ve developed SafetyNet, a technology feature that lets you share details of your journey with others through the app, so they know where and when you are at all times.

We listen

Any questions? Contact our 24/7 support team if you’ve lost your bag while travelling, or if any other issue comes up. Please see here for all other useful information, including how to contact us.

Talk to us, we’ll listen. Let’s make the next 5 years even better than the last!