Meet The Marketing Team

June 23, 2016 / Geneva

As our  riders community grows, we need to grow as well to support everybody in the best possible way and to offer the most reliable and safe Uber experience on every ride you take.

We are searching for a new Marketing Manager – Analytics for our Geneva Team: you can find all the information on the role and how to apply here.

Do you wanna know more about the people that already work in this area in the Geneva office?  Let’s discover more….

Please meet Alice and Eric, Marketing Managers for Western Switzerland

What is actually behind the title “Marketing Manager” aka “MM” ? What do you mostly work on?

Alice : Everyday and every moment trying to build the best rider experience. We want to create new ways of engaging with the community of riders and help them experience different things thanks to Uber: from ice-creams delivery to rides in a Bat-mobile! 

Eric : From rider support to experiential marketing, our role is to ensure a top notch rider experience and grow the rider community through innovative, efficient and scalable campaigns / partnerships.


What do you like most of your job?  

Alice : Being able to be really useful to people by offering an alternative, and cooler, way to move around the cities they live in! 

Eric : The people, without any doubt. It’s really another world here. Working at Uber transforms every interaction I have into a learning experience.


In what area have you worked on in you “life before Uber”?

Alice : Many! From cosmetics in L’Oréal, to jewelry in my own start-up all the way to porcelain tiles in Scandinavia! I first joined Uber in the summer of 2014 in Italy and then move over the Alps! 

Eric : Same here! Private Equity in Moscow, then launched my own e-commerce startup, before joining a leading Digital Marketing Agency (Geneva, NYC, Shanghai). I joined Uber during the summer 2014 to launch Western Switzerland with Steve and Gwenn.


What inspires and motivates you at work?

Alice : The team I work with and the community we are building.

Eric : Being part of a tech revolution, improve city efficiency and to better use existing infrastructure and interact with the brightest.


Where do you see Uber in 10 years?

Alice : Even more present than today in everybody’s life. We will be able to offer something that we still can’t imagine.

Eric : When I see how tech – especially mobile technology, has changed in less than a decade, it makes it very hard for me to project where we’ll be in 10 years. What I know for sure is that cars will be self-driven and our cities less congested.


Is there a fun-fact about you and Uber?

Alice : Thanks to Uber I have delivered Italian “panettone” dressed like a moose in the center of Milan! 🙂

Eric : When I joined the company 2 years ago, we were just above 1’000 employees. We are now more than 8’000.


Yes, we are looking for somebody to join our dream team!

You can find more info here!

Looking forward to join you in the team!

Uber Geneva & Lausanne Team