Today we are rolling out Women Rider Preference in Canada—a new in-app feature whereby women and non-binary drivers can now accept women riders only. The new feature will be live in Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, and London, with other cities following in a phased rollout. 

Accessible via the Uber Driver app, the Women Rider Preference feature allows women and non-binary drivers to indicate a preference for picking up women riders. Drivers who identify as women or non-binary will automatically gain access to the feature and can turn it on or off whenever they choose, giving them more confidence to choose to drive.

Drivers of all backgrounds earn with Uber because it enables them to be their own boss, earn flexibly around their lifestyle, and in some cases, support a side hustle. But we know women and non-binary drivers are underrepresented in the industry. With the Women Rider Preference feature, we hope to support women and non-binary drivers by offering new features to help improve access to flexible earnings that support their ambitions.

As we navigate this post-pandemic recovery, Uber is putting inclusion front and centre as a way to encourage underrepresented groups to take advantage of the flexible earning opportunities. Inclusive features are one small way we can start to address the inequities revealed during the pandemic, including:  

  • In March 2020, 63% of job losses were experienced by women.
  • As a result of the pandemic, a majority (52%) of LGBTQ2s+ households have been affected by layoffs and reduced hours. This compares to 43% of overall Canadian households.

In a recent survey conducted with women and non-binary drivers across the country, 85% would recommend driving on the Uber platform to other women and non-binary individuals looking for flexible earning opportunities. 88% say a flexible work schedule is the primary reason they drive on the Uber platform with 73% sharing that earning a supplemental income to support their family and household is the secondary reason they drive on the Uber platform. 

“Egale Canada is thrilled to partner with Uber on the launch of the new in-app feature, Women Rider Preference,” said Helen Kennedy, Executive Director, Egale Canada. “Now, more than ever, companies need to lead the way to a more inclusive and safer Canada for 2SLGBTQI communities. We are pleased to see Uber find new and intentional ways to support and uplift women and nonbinary people in the workplace and in our communities.” 

“The research YWCA Canada conducted as part of its Move Forward – Creating Inclusion in Contemporary Work initiative revealed that women and gender-diverse people continue to experience significant barriers when it comes to work. Uber Canada’s new pilot program shows positive and promising action to address these barriers and the needs of women and gender-diverse peoples, including accessing equitable work and helping to build safe work environments,” says Raine Liliefeldt, YWCA Canada Interim CEO and Director of Member Services & Development.

Drivers like Yasmin and Tia believe that Woman Rider Preference will encourage more women and non-binary individuals to join the platform.  

“I have been driving with Uber since 2015. It is the only earning opportunity that has allowed me to support my family while having the time to spend with my kids. Even if you are the main caregiver of your family, this new feature will allow women an opportunity to earn money flexibly when they have the time,” said Tia, who has completed over 27,000 trips with a 4.95 rating. 

“I immigrated to Canada with my family in 2017. I am a law student and support my family. Uber helps me earn money on my own time while I juggle studying and helping my parents. With this new feature, I hope more women join the platform so they can earn money while they pursue their dreams,” said Yasmin, who has completed over 2,400 trips with a 4.99 rating. 

How Women Rider Preference works:

  • Women Rider Preference is an in-app feature that allows women and non-binary drivers to indicate a preference for accepting trip requests from women riders.
  • Accessible via the Uber Driver app, drivers who have female or a non-binary gender marker on their identity documents, or who designate themselves as being a woman or non-binary individual, will automatically gain access to the feature. 
  • Drivers can turn the feature on or off whenever they choose. For example, some may choose to turn it on during optimum earning hours, such as in the evening.