This April, Ottawa City Council will vote to regulate ridesharing. This is an important time for us as a city. That’s why, from now until the City Council meeting on April 13, we are starting a conversation with all residents of Ottawa to demonstrate what Ottawa can achieve with smart, progressive regulations for ridesharing, and what’s at stake if Council gets this wrong.

This is a positive campaign about the people of Ottawa and how:

  • Thousands of driver partners use a smartphone to make extra income on their own schedule. 
  • The accessibility community and older adults are getting a reliable and affordable transportation option with uberASSIST.
  • We’re bringing much needed transportation options to communities that have been previously ignored by taxi and live too far away from reliable public transit.

And most importantly, it’s about making sure our loved ones have a safe way to get home.

If council embraces ridesharing by passing smart regulations, we can continue our work to help make Ottawa an even better place to live.

But it isn’t enough for us to tell this story.

That’s why we’re asking Ottawans to tell their stories and share what ridesharing means to them and our city. With the support of our riders and drivers, we’re hopeful that Ottawa City Council will do the right thing this April and vote for a better Ottawa.

To find about more about how you can help, please head to