In November 2022, Waseem of Toronto faced a unique challenge. Waseem had been a frequent driver on the Uber Black platform for four years but became unable to access the platform. He contacted UFCW Canada and explained his situation. A representative with UFCW Canada took down his details, created a case, and shared the details with Uber Canada. After a thorough review, Uber Canada was able to rectify an issue with Waseem’s insurance documentation and his access to the platform was restored.

Before January 27, 2022, Waseem’s story and hundreds like it would not have been possible. Waseem’s story is an example of the real change that has been created through the historic agreement between UFCW Canada and Uber Canada. Since the agreement was announced, UFCW Canada and Uber Canada have worked hard to support workers like Waseem and those who had approached UFCW Canada looking for a model of representation to make their voices better heard. 

The agreement came about because UFCW Canada and Uber Canada shared a belief that the status quo for app-based workers was not good enough. Based on what they both had heard from workers across the country, two things were clear:

  • Workers want the option to access representation when they lose access to the platform or have an account-related issue; and 
  • Workers value the flexibility of app-based work but believe that governments should require platforms to enact reforms that ensure they receive benefits and protections

Today, we are releasing a milestone report as a chance to meet the workers like Waseem who have benefited from the agreement and reflect on what the partnership has achieved in its first year. In order to prepare the report, UFCW Canada and Uber Canada have looked at data between January 27, 2022 and December 31, 2022. The main findings of the milestone report are: 

  • Through representation services offered by the agreement, UFCW Canada has helped 201 drivers and delivery people ​​regain access to their account or resolve another account-related issue. 

As we enter the second year of the partnership, UFCW Canada and Uber Canada are committed to supporting workers and continuing to advocate for government reforms across the country.