On Thursday April 7, we teamed up with Startup Calgary and local Calgary investors to bring you UberPITCH. We received thousands of requests and 19 lucky entrepreneurs got to pitch their ideas on-demand to six investors which resulted in over $250,000 in deals agreed to between investors and entrepreneurs (some pending due diligence).

Participating investors were presented with high-potential startups and many already thriving business concepts. It’s safe to say riders impressed our team of Calgary investors.

 A huge thank you to all of our investor friends for participating in UberPITCH, and special thanks to Startup Calgary for making UberPITCH a great success!


“I’m amazed by Calgarians and their incredible entrepreneurial spirit; innovative and tenacious, not afraid to take risks are the types of people we deal with daily. The UberPITCH event encouraged entrepreneurs to take a chance and show investors Calgary has a thriving startup community.” – Kari Gordon, Executive Director Startup Calgary 



Alto Collective

Pitched to: Shawn Abbott, iNovia Capital
Pitcher: Kevin Alto

inovia_Shawn Abbott_web




In August 2011, Alto Collective was co-founded by two brothers; Kevin and Owen Alto. Out of a garage in Calgary, AB (where the brothers were born and raised) they dedicated themselves to create functional wood products for people around the world to use.  The brothers differentiate themselves by leveraging computer software and high-tech tools (laser and router CNC) to create natural wood products with extreme precision and customization capability.

“Being able to do UberPITCH with Shawn Abbott was an amazing opportunity that I’m incredibly grateful for.  It’s rare in Calgary to have someone with his extensive background provide you 15 minutes of undivided attention, in person no less.  The timing of this unique opportunity couldn’t have been better for us too, we are nearly 5 years in business and are looking to expand our current operation and launch a new complimentary digital business as well.”- Kevin Alto

Twitter: @altoCollective
IG: @altoCollective


Pitched to: Mathew August, Animus Capital Partners
Pitcher: Christa Geddes


The Beam



Like many Canadians suffering from back pain, Nimbleback founders and Calgarians, Christa Geddes and Becky Goulet wanted to help others with a simple-do-it-yourself approach to relieving back pain with The Beam- Your Back’s Best Friend. The Beam is a tool used for simple stretching and is a home solution for Calgarians experiencing job loss and stress.

“Being one of the lucky Calgarians who not only got picked to participate in UberPitch but who also got a deal, I would have to say it was quite the ride!  Being connected with Mathew August proved that you need to trust the universe because there are never-ending possibilities, especially when you work so hard towards manifesting a dream. We are excited for this journey and for the chance to help even more back pain sufferers!” – Christa Geddes

Twitter: @nimbleback
IG: @nimble_back

Poop Heart

Pitched to: W.Brett Wilson
Pitcher: Erin Moffat


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Erin is a born and raised Calgarian and engineer turned entrepreneur after losing her job in the oil patch. She created Poop Heart to add a little joy and humour where people least expect it with quirky artwork and merchandise. Why poop you ask? At Poop Heart they believe in helping people help themselves and that’s why they have teamed up with the Calgary based non-profit CAWST; Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technologies. They share CAWST’s vision of a world where people have the opportunity to succeed because their basic water and sanitation needs have been met. Poop Heart is proud to donate 10% of proceeds to CAWST helping people get life’s basics of water, sanitation and hygiene.

“Think outside the box and get in an Uber! Quirky is my forte and it doesn’t get more quirky than requesting an Uber to meet an investor, pitch a business and potentially make a deal! UberPITCH was a fun and exciting opportunity for small local businesses to meet with investors and along the way guaranteed to make you smile, just like Poop Heart!” – Erin Moffat

Twitter: @poopsheart
IG: @poopsheart