We’re thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Trapeze Group to provide transit agencies across North America with more options to manage fluctuating ridership and vehicle demand to optimize paratransit service.

This is a real win for transit agencies and the paratransit community. We have long partnered with transit agencies to extend the benefit of our technology while providing agencies and riders with a complementary transportation option. We believe that all communities – especially paratransit riders – should be able to access transportation to live their lives. Giving transit agencies easier access to our technology through forward-thinking partners such as Trapeze enables that enhanced access.

Through the Uber Transit integration, transit agencies now have the option to partner with Trapeze, as another way to easily book Uber trips for their riders directly through the Trapeze PASS platform. Labor and vehicle shortages, growing rider demands, and changing rider travel behaviors make it difficult for transit agencies to quickly accommodate certain trips, particularly those that are requested same day or last-minute. Now, with this innovative integration, same day trip booking and reporting becomes seamless for transit agencies.

Through this partnership, riders are given more ride options, without compromising on features like web-based trip booking and next day trip reminders. Uber also informs riders of imminent arrivals for pick ups via text message so riders always feel in control of their journey. 

Uber Transit is ready to partner with you and help you lower the cost of your paratransit operations. If you would like to learn more about how you can book Uber trips from Trapeze Pass please get in touch with us at contact-transit@uber.com.