Dear Manitoba Legislature and Winnipeg City Council,

Transportation in all forms is integral to our province and capital city.

Our economy excels when people and goods move efficiently and affordably between destinations. Roads, public transit, walkable neighbourhoods, cycling and taxis are all important in supporting moveable cities in economic growth. Equally important is the expanding selection of new services such as car-sharing, bike-sharing, and more recently, Uber and ridesharing.

As Winnipeggers, we recognize the value and benefit of a competitive marketplace, which fosters product and service selection excellence. If the Manitoba provincial government passes the Local Vehicles for Hire Act which will enable Winnipeg for the first time to regulate its local vehicle for hire industry, then we encourage our elected officials to do so with smart regulations for ridesharing that recognizes the demand for and need to move people around Winnipeg, including Uber and ridesharing services.

Services like Uber — where passengers push a button and get a ride in minutes, whatever time of day it is — will help our residents and students get home safely.

Research by Temple University in the United States found that the arrival of Uber in a city led to a 3.6% – 5.6% decrease in the number of people killed in cars due to alcohol. The results of this research back up previous Uber-led research that found 78% of people said that since Uber launched in their city, their friends are less likely to drive after drinking.

Additionally, Winnipeg has an exciting new generation of young promising entrepreneurs and tech startups who are determined to build and scale dynamic businesses here at home, but it will mean a greater willingness on the provincial and municipal leadership fronts to champion new ways of doing things.

In order to continue to build Winnipeg as a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation, we must welcome new technologies that push the boundaries of traditional business operations and ensure Winnipeg is not only keeping up with innovation, but is a leader in Manitoba and Canada. Winnipeg is home to a growing high tech and startup community and culture that contributes to a growing number of accelerators, incubators and jobs. Ridesharing and Uber is an essential part of what moves tech sectors.

At a touch of a button, Uber is available around the world and in a growing number of cities in Canada, including Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Waterloo Region, Niagara Region, Hamilton, London and Montreal, among many other Canadian cities that have passed ridesharing bylaws. Our provincial and municipal elected officials need to send a message that tech and innovation, including ridesharing and Uber, have a home in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Diana Wiesenthal

Raj Bahl

Alan Dewar

Robert Tetrault

Scott Marohn

Rob Read

Ari Driver

Todd Smuth

Michael Juce

Kevin Glasier

Darryl Stewart

Nicole Barry

Ben Sparrow

Paul Hesse

Jodi Moskal

Gail Asper

Brent Johnson

Peter Holle

Greg Leipsic

Marshall Ring

Brent Bellamy

Doug Darling


“Passengers at Winnipeg Airport need a reliable alternative to long lines during peak times.” – Scott Marohn, Director, Air Service Development, Winnipeg Airports Authority

“My motivation is to grow transportation options in Winnipeg and this is one great option.”Nicole Barry, PEG Beer Co.

“People are often stranded because of a shortage of taxis and Uber will ensure people have timely access to the transportation services they desperately need. Uber will also cut down on drinking and driving because people will be able to rely on the availability of ride services.” – Gail Asper, President, the Asper Foundation

“I support the City of Winnipeg having the choice for implementing its own policy.” – Marshall Ring, CEO, Manitoba Technology Accelerator

“[Uber] creates more option to live a car free lifestyle. Sharing economy is the future.” – Brent Bellamy, Creative Director Number Ten Architectural Group

“We need a more efficient and accountable system.” – Doug Darling, Executive Director – Tripwire Media Group