This summer, we worked with Technomic to better understand how our restaurant partners think about third-party delivery, what they value most, and what we should be doing differently. Our restaurant partners had some great feedback, including to see more flexible and affordable ways they could work with us.

Today, we’re pleased to share a new feature inspired by restaurants. Read on to learn more about a new delivery-only option and how one restaurant group is already putting it to good use:


Across Canada, we’ve launched Online Ordering: a new feature that helps restaurants save money by using their own website to add menus and take orders, while tapping into Uber Eats facilitated delivery of those orders at less cost.

With Online Ordering, restaurants can repurpose their existing settings—menus, pricings, hours—to set up an online ordering webpage with one click. This page can be easily added to their existing website.

With this new webpage, restaurants can leverage their own website and social media channels to generate more orders. And starting soon, restaurants will also have access to customer data if the customer opts-in at checkout.

Best of all, Online Ordering with Uber Eats-facilitated delivery is available for a 15% service fee—reduced to 7.5% until December 31, 2020. As with in-app orders, there are no fees for pick-up orders.

Online Ordering is just one of the ways Uber Eats is working with restaurants to offer flexibility on features and fees so they can choose the options that are best for them:

  • Restaurant Pickup: Allows customers to order ahead and pick up their meal directly from the restaurant when it’s ready—a feature at 0% service fee and now extended to March 31, 2020.
  • *New* Online Ordering: Restaurants leverage their own website and marketing channels, while accessing delivery people facilitated through Uber Eats with a 15% service fee- discounted to 7.5% until December 31, 2020.
  • Bring Your Own Courier: Restaurants leverage the Uber Eats platform for marketing, order, and payment processing, while using their own staff to deliver meals with a reduced 15% service fee.
  • Full Service: Restaurants have access to the Uber Eats platform, including marketing, order and payment processing, customer support, and delivery facilitation.


Aburi Restaurants Canada (the restaurant group behind Miku, Minami, Aburi Hana, TORA and Gyoza Bar) just launched an exciting new platform to make at-home dining more exciting and accessible. Aburi At Home brings the cuisine from each of the 6 restaurants together under one comprehensive website—and for meals placed for delivery, it’s powered by Uber Eats’ online ordering.

“We always had the idea to bring all of our restaurants under one platform but the health crisis accelerated its development,” said Dean Harrison, Director of Marketing for Aburi Restaurants Canada. “We wanted another way to tap into at-home dining with our loyal customers, website visitors, and social media followers but needed a way to facilitate delivery. That’s where Uber Eats’ online ordering came in.”

By leveraging their pre-existing menu, pricing, and hours on Uber Eats, Aburi Restaurant Group very quickly created a unique online ordering webpage for each of their restaurants.

“With everything pre-populated from our Uber Eats app information, setting up online ordering was a breeze,” shared Harrison.

For Harrison, online ordering is just one of the benefits of their partnership with Uber Eats: “This has been a very successful partnership. Uber Eats is the only third-party delivery platform we trust with our orders.”

In addition to online ordering, one of Aburi Restaurant Group’s flagship restaurants, Gyoza Bar, was featured in this summer’s Off The Menu “The Wing Showdown” presented by Uber Eats. Head Chef Woo Jin Kim was paired with acclaimed fashion director and wing aficionado Zac Posen to create Posen’s custom recipe. Read more.

About Aburi Restaurant Group:
Since introducing aburi-style cuisine in 2008, Aburi Restaurant Group has remained a leader in hospitality innovation, constantly reimagining the dining experience. As a leader in North America for hospitality innovation, Aburi Restaurants Canada are constantly reimagining the dining experience. To learn more about Aburi At Home, visit