Following the Scarborough RT derailment and premature closure this summer, local residents have been turning to Uber to fill their last-mile and first-mile transit needs. 

Uber often serves as a complement to public transit. 56% of Toronto riders say they used Uber to connect to public transit last year. 

Now, decades of underserving Scarborough residents have culminated in an unexpected closure of the only rapid transit option in the area, and residents are turning to Uber to fill the gap. These riders previously chose to take rapid transit instead of rideshare, but the RT closure has driven them to Uber.

Since the Scarborough RT derailed and closed prematurely this summer on July 24, we have seen Scarbarians rely on Uber to get around Scarborough and to Kennedy station to connect with the subway and GO transit: 

  • Uber trips in Scarborough grew 72% more than trips in Toronto. This is the relative change in the trip growth rate over a three month period before and after the Scarborough RT shutdown.

  • Uber trips to and from Kennedy Station increased by 29%. This is the change in trips over a three month period before and after the Scarborough RT shutdown.

At a time when local residents no longer have access to rapid transit, Mayor Chow’s arbitrary rideshare cap will negatively impact them most. With fewer drivers on the road for the increased demand, wait times will increase and prices will go up. 

“Scarborough has consistently been underserved for years by all levels of government, and it was never clearer than when the Scarborough RT derailed and shut down early this summer. Scarborough residents need more transportation options and they chose Uber as a safe and convenient way to connect to the subway. Now, City Hall is making life harder for Scarbarians by limiting the number of drivers available for trips,” said Shawn Allen, President of the Scarborough Business Association. 

“I used to take the Scarborough RT all the time. But now with shuttle buses, it’s hard to rely on the TTC to make it to work on time. As a chef, I can’t be late. So I take an Uber to connect to the subway every day,” Heavan, Scarborough resident.