Between school, sports practice, the mall, and friends, your teen has places they need to be—and so do you. With a teen account, they’ll have the freedom to request their own rides and order their own meals, all under your supervision. Plus, with live safety features and real-time updates, you can follow along from pickup to dropoff.

And today we’re launching a new monthly spending limits feature, making it easier to take control of your teen’s spending right from your app. 

With spending limits, you can set a custom budget for your teen’s rides and meals for the entire month. Spending limits can also be adjusted at any time to best meet your needs, and we’ll send you a notification when your teen’s monthly limit is almost up.

Here’s how you can set up your teen’s monthly spending limits in the Uber app:

  1. Go to your Family profile and choose your teen’s account.
  2. Under Spending limits, select Edit next to either Rides or Orders.
  3. Choose between: 
    • Unlimited: Your teen can spend as much as they want.
    • Limited: Your teen has a custom spending budget, set by you.
    • No spending allowed: Your teen cannot order any rides or food.

Your teen’s monthly spending limit is now set. They’ll be able to see it in their app whenever they go to order a trip or food.

Spending limits reset on the first of every month. You’ll only be charged for what your teen actually spends each month.

When it comes to getting your teen where they need to go, Uber teen accounts are designed to provide freedom for them and peace of mind for you—and your wallet.