In October last year, we sent out a survey to all drivers and delivery people across Canada requesting feedback on what is and isn’t working on the Uber app. Regardless of what the feedback looked like, we made a promise that we would publish the survey results. 

23,428 responded and provided input. And today we are releasing the full results, as well as breaking out the key areas below that drivers and delivery people identified they were most satisfied and dissatisfied with. 

Top findings show that 26% of earners on Uber rated their experience with earnings dependability as poor, while 80% are very or somewhat satisfied with their experience on Uber.

What’s working well:

Eighty percent of drivers and delivery people are either somewhat satisfied or very satisfied with the experience driving or delivering with Uber, with flexibility and independence ranking at the top area of satisfaction. David in Ottawa said, “The flexibility is my number one reason for doing this job.”

Other aspects that contributed to satisfaction for drivers and delivery people on the app, include: 

  • Uber’s efforts to protect health and well-being during COVID-19
  • Uber’s efforts to protect physical safety (unrelated to COVID-19)
  • Uber’s efforts to ensure that riders, Uber Eats customers, and restaurant partners treat drivers with respect


What’s not working well:

20% of drivers and delivery people  were dissatisfied with their experience with Uber.  Karim in Montreal says, “You need to be transparent on how our fares are calculated, using numbers and equations.”

Of the 20% of drivers and delivery people that were dissatisfied, the top areas identified as pain points and areas for improvement include: 

  • Dependability of earningsshort pickups and deliveries, service fees, low rates
  • Quality of customer supportunhelpful customer support, hard to reach, and takes too long for issues to be resolved
  • Responsiveness to feedbackmore engagement with corporate representatives, and making sure feedback is taken seriously
  • App performance and featuresimproving navigation and glitching on the app

We also want to take a moment and recognize the challenges and uncertainty that drivers and delivery people have faced over the last year. It’s been a challenging time for everyone, but we know that’s especially true for app-based workers. Throughout the pandemic, workers have remained resilient, offering continued support to neighbours and communities. Thank you to drivers and delivery people for everything you do. 

We’ll be following up in the coming weeks to share more information about how we’re continuing to improve the experience for drivers and delivery people on the Uber platform.