Sometimes with all the craziness of things like Ice Cream On-Demand, uberCHOPPER and delivering POUTINE throughout the city, we often forget to just say, hi!

So allow us to introduce ourselves…

Uber is a technology platform that connects users with safe, reliable, affordable rides with unprecedented accountability and transparency built right into the app. We’re in over 200 cities around the world, have completed millions of trips worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of driver partners and million of riders, just like you.

For riders,

Uber connects users with transportation on-demand, wherever and whenever they choose at the touch of a button. The seamless experience means never having to worry about finding a ride or having cash.

For drivers,

Uber’s lead generation software facilitates powerful entrepreneurship opportunity. Drivers make far more – and with greater flexibility – than any other option available to them.

For cities,

Uber means less congestion, fewer emissions, more jobs, less drunk driving, greater accessibility and more end-of-line transportation options.

We have so much more to share with you, but for now, check out these links for more Uber information:

At Uber, we’re transforming the way people connect with their communities, revolutionizing the way you move, work and live.