At Uber, we’re in a race to reduce our environmental impact on our way to become a zero-emissions mobility platform. We believe that everyone should have access to environmentally friendly ride options and it’s our responsibility to make it as easy as possible to ride sustainably. 

To do our part, we’re continuing to build innovations that empower Canadians throughout the country to choose green and car-free products—including electric and hybrid rides with Comfort Electric and Uber Green, and public transit options. This Earth Month, we’re encouraging Canadians to go green with us.

To celebrate, we’re helping you go electric:

  • Introducing Uber Comfort Electric: Tap a button and find a premium EV like a Tesla, Polestar, or a Ford Mustang Mach-E. With more Electric Vehicles (EVs) than ever on the road in Canada, we’re excited to introduce Comfort Electric, our first all-electric rides offering, to Toronto and Montreal. We first introduced Comfort Electric to Canadians in Vancouver last year. 
  • Go electric, get a discount: From April 11-30, riders can get up to 25% (up to $10) off two Comfort Electric trips with the code GOELECTRIC*.

Uber has committed to becoming a zero-emissions mobility platform in Canada, the US and Europe by 2030, and globally by 2040. That means every single driver on the Uber platform needs to be in an EV. In a recent survey, two third of all Canadian drivers on the Uber platform said they are open to getting an EV as their next vehicle. 

To support drivers to make the transition from gas to EV, last summer we launched a partnership with Hertz. Under that partnership, drivers can sign up to rent Teslas on a weekly basis in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. This partnership gives drivers an opportunity to try an electric vehicle as their primary rideshare vehicle and understand the benefits and cost savings of going electric. 

Since launch in July 2022, we’ve seen:

  • Over 1,600 drivers participate in this program and with more than 700,000 fully electric trips completed. 
  • This totals over 7 million kilometres driven. 
  • 82% of drivers, in Canada, renting a Tesla through Hertz have never owned or driven an EV prior to this program. 

Earlier this year we evolved the Zero Emissions Incentive to support drivers who are on the road the most. We’re extending our commitment and increasing the eligible amount to a total of $10,000 per driver. Drivers will now have additional confidence if making the transition into an electric vehicle.

We’ve also renewed our partnership with Plug’n Drive, a non-profit committed to accelerating EV adoption. Over the last year, Plug’n Drive has hosted 11 webinars and 3 in-person EV test drive events in Toronto and Vancouver with over 1200 drivers attending. These webinars and in-person events are great opportunities for drivers to learn about the total cost of owning an EV and the benefits of making the switch from gas to electric. 

“I always knew my next vehicle would have to be an electric vehicle because of the high gas prices and it’s better for the environment since I spend so much time on the road. However, I wanted more information on what the right vehicle would be for me. I attended the Plug’n Drive event last summer and got to test drive different kinds of vehicles and learn about the costs and benefits of getting an EV. I recently bought a Tesla to drive on the platform. Not only are riders happy when they see a Tesla pick them up, but I know it’s the sustainable choice.” 

  • Wayne Edward, driver on the Uber platform since 2020 with 6,930 trips completed and a 4.99 rating 

Click here for information about our progress and plans.


* Maximum savings of CA$10  per ride on up to 2 rides. This promotion is valid only for users who received this email directly from Uber. Offer valid from April 11, 2023 00:00 ET to April 30, 2023 11:59 ET. Valid only on Uber Comfort Electric trips starting in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Valid only for trips taken on a personal profile. Promotion does not apply to surcharges, government fee-related charges, tolls, tips, or taxes (which will be calculated based on the pre-discount amount). Offer cannot be combined with other offers or savings (except for any applicable Uber One discount). For accounts with multiple valid promo codes, the promo with the highest savings will automatically apply to a rider’s next trip. In some cities, municipal or provincial regulations require a minimum charge for transportation; in such cases, a promo will not reduce the price below the required minimum charge. Offer is non-transferable. Offer and terms are subject to change.