Sexual assault and gender-based violence don’t belong anywhere in our communities. Which is why Uber remains committed to help stop incidents before they happen—by partnering with and learning from women’s safety groups, building tools and policies, promoting awareness, and empowering our community of users.

We renewed our commitment to Driving Change, a multi-year, multi-million dollar campaign where Uber partners with leading sexual assault and domestic violence partners around the world. In Canada, we’re proud to extend ongoing partnerships with YWCA Canada, WomanACT, EVA BC and Le Chaînon with $450,000 (CAD) over the next two years. 

Read more about our Driving Change partners below: 

YWCA Canada 

YWCA Canada is Canada’s oldest and largest women’s multi-service organization. YWCA Canada represents 32 member associations whose programs and services create change for 1 million women, girls, and their families. Annually, YWCAs invest over $230 million to support 330,000 women and girls, in 300 communities across Canada. YWCA Member Associations offer immediate assistance to women fleeing violence, provide counselling and referral services, offer violence prevention and intervention programs. Informed by Member Associations, research and trends, YWCA Canada develops resources and initiatives to create systemic change and shift the needle forward on ending gender based violence. The funds from Uber Canada will enable YWCA to advance their work in research, resource development, education, and knowledge mobilisation. 

“The need to address the violence experienced by women, Two-Spirit and gender diverse people is a fundamental priority for creating safer and more equitable communities. Meaningful action requires survivor-centric initiatives, such as our launch of the first-ever emergency support fund for survivors of intimate partner violence. This work has only become more urgent as the pandemic rages on, and with it, increasing and intensifying forms of gender-based violence. Uber Canada’s sustained and helpful support will allow us to continue the important work of building resilience in communities, creating responsive programs and advancing our advocacy and research, with the goal of achieving a future free of gender-based violence.” 

– Raine Liliefeldt, Interim CEO, YWCA Canada

EVA BC (British Columbia)

The Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC) is a provincial association based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They launched in 1992 as the BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance and Counselling Programs, then changed their name to EVA BC in 2009. Since their start, they have trained and supported more than 300 anti-violence programs and cross-sector initiatives across the province that respond to sexual and domestic violence, child abuse, and criminal harassment. The funds from Uber Canada will be used towards training front-line anti-violence workers and an emergency fund for community-based anti-violence member programs to assist with extraordinary costs that may be incurred due to unforeseen crises.

“Uber’s announcement today that they are making a contribution of $50,000 a year for two years to EVA BC demonstrates their renewed commitment to our partnership and the work of BC’s anti-violence sector. On behalf of all our members who work to support survivors, our heartfelt thanks for standing with us in this work and sharing our vision to end gender-based violence, harassment and hate.” 

– Ninu Kang, Executive Director, Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC)

WomanACT (Ontario)

WomanACT is a policy development and planning body for preventing and responding to gender-based violence. Their work is focused around coordination, education, research and policy. WomanACT has 27 years of experience in convening leaders, policy makers, anti-violence organizations, communities and women with lived experience of violence to collaborate, advocate and drive change. The funds from Uber Canada will be used to design community-based research with survivors and community stakeholders on safety, transportation, and access. 

“To successfully eliminate gender-based violence in the world, it will require strong and long-lasting partnerships: WomanACT is proud to collaborate with Uber; we applaud their commitment to support and partner with experts in the field and advance women’s equity in Canada and around the world. The Driving Change funds will support public education, raise awareness activities and enhance the inclusion of women with lived experiences of gender-based violence.”

– Harmy Mendoza, Executive Director, Woman Abuse Council of Toronto (WomanACT)

Le Chaînon (Québec)

Le Chaînon offers women safe housing as well as assistance and support tailored to their needs. At Le Chaînon, they take specific actions, with the help of experienced counsellors, that promote women’s return to self-determination and personal and social strengths. Le Chaînon also advocates to make a collective and social stand in order to denounce the inequalities, the living conditions and the different forms of violence experienced by women. Their goal is to promote the defence of women’s rights – with women. The funds provided by Uber allow 10 women to be accommodated for one month. These women receive immediate assistance such as assessment and support by a qualified worker, 24 hours accommodation, clothing and items needed.We are very touched by the continued support that Uber has given us to help us improve the conditions of women in vulnerable situations. We were able to see all the concern for the well-being, safety and immense respect of users and drivers using the Uber platform. We welcome these initiatives and additional measures especially for female Uber users whose safety is clearly taken into account by the company.“ 

Sylvie Bourbonnière, Executive Director, Le Chaînon Foundation.