We’re celebrating 4/20 by sharing some cannabis ordering trends in Ontario and British Columbia.

After cannabis merchants started delivering with Uber Eats in Toronto in 2022, the city ‘puff puff passed’ the torch to BC, with safe, convenient cannabis delivery via Uber Eats arriving in the province in April 2023. 

What started as three licensed cannabis retailers in Toronto in 2022 has grown to over 80 licensed retailers on the platform across both BC and Ontario. 

As many Ontario and BC residents prepare to embrace the high life this weekend, we revealed some of the top ordering trends this year from across both provinces. 

  • The top five dopest cities in Ontario (Ontario cities that order cannabis the most)
  1. Mississauga
  2. Kitchener
  3. Milton
  4. Kingston
  5. Windsor
  • The top five dopest cities in BC (BC cities that order cannabis the most)
  1. Victoria
  2. North Vancouver
  3. Vancouver
  4. Port Moody
  5. New Westminster
  • The top five greenest cities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA cities that order cannabis the most) 
  1. Mississauga
  2. Milton 
  3. Oshawa
  4. Toronto
  5. Burlington
  • The top five dankest strains in Ontario (Most popular cannabis strains ordered in Ontario) 
  1. Animal Face 
  2. Peach Ringz 
  3. Tiger Blood 
  4. Sourz by Spinach – Blue Raspberry Melon
  5. Blue Dream
  • The top five dankest strains in BC (Cannabis strains ordered the most in BC) 
  1. Tiger Blood 
  2. Sativa 20% Plus – Weed Me Grind 
  3. Sourz by Spinach – Strawberry Mango  
  4. Indica 20% Plus – Weed Me Grind 
  5. Ghost Train Haze
  • Delving into the weeds: the most popular ways to consume (Most popular Cannabis products ordered in Canada)
  1. Pre-rolls
  2. Edibles 
  3. Flower (bud)
  • High rollers (Most expensive cannabis order in the country from 2023): The most expensive cannabis order placed in 2023 was a grand total of $422.08 from a Toronto cannabis retailer. This haul included bowls, bongs and buds.
  • Budding industry: Cannabis retailers across Ontario and BC value having the option to grow their businesses using Uber Eats’ services and reach more Canadians through safe and convenient cannabis delivery:
    • “Our collaboration with Uber Eats is a powerful alliance of 1922’s expertise in fast, reliable, and compliant cannabis delivery with Uber’s innovative platform. It’s more than just business growth; it’s about setting new standards in accessibility and convenience for cannabis consumers across Ontario. As we gear up for 4/20, this partnership underscores our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our community, ensuring everyone has access to quality cannabis, swiftly and safely.” – Mike Dunn, owner and co-founder of 1922
    • “Partnering with Uber Eats has been a game-changer. We’ve been able to tap into our strengths—rapid delivery, top-notch service, and strict compliance with provincial regulations—and combine them with Uber Eats’ vast user network to reach new customers across Metro Vancouver. As we get ready to celebrate cannabis culture this 4/20, we’re proud to offer a safe, smooth and convenient shopping experience for cannabis lovers in our community.” – Calvin Basran, Queensborough Cannabis

How cannabis delivery works with Uber Eats for adults 19+: 

  • Open the Uber Eats app and select the “Cannabis” category or search for cannabis in the app. You will see an age-gate that you must be of legal age to enter the virtual storefront.
  • After this, you navigate the virtual storefront of the retailer to place an order. You must be within the delivery radius of the licensed cannabis retailer in order to be able to place an order.
  • Just like ordering takeout or other items using Uber Eats, you will be notified when the licensed retailer accepts the order and the estimated time of delivery. 
  • In accordance with provincial regulations, the order will only be delivered by the licensed cannabis retailer’s own CannSell certified staff. Independent third-party delivery people will not deliver cannabis.
  • When the delivery person arrives, your age and sobriety will be verified as required by regulations. 

Cannabis delivery on Uber Eats helps combat the underground illegal market, which still accounts for over 40% of all nonmedical cannabis sales in Ontario. Further, research from Public First in 2021 showed that some cannabis users drive after consumption with 1 in 7 (14%) of cannabis users admitting to having driven a vehicle within 2 hours of consuming cannabis. Delivery options like those available through Uber Eats are expected to help decrease impaired driving and improve safety on the road.