What’s better than placing a delivery order and having it arrive exactly as you requested? We’ll wait…

At Uber Eats, we know how good it feels to get exactly what you asked for, whether that’s asking for “sauce on the side” for your lunch, “extra whipped cream” on your sweet afternoon snack, or adding “please leave grocery delivery with my neighbour” for those last-minute dinner date plans. 

That’s why we’re excited to share our fourth annual Uber Eats Cravings Report, offering a snapshot of the most popular, most unique—and in some cases—most unusual delivery requests we received from Canadians over the last year. 

Some of the juiciest trends this year include: 

  • We really mind our manners: Sure, we Canadians are known for being polite. But Kingston, Ottawa, and Peterborough set the bar even higher by saying “please” and “thank you” the most in their order instructions. 
  • Top Tippers: Victoria, BC had the most generous tippers, but French Canadians are pretty big tippers too; Sherbrooke and Quebec City ranked second and third on our Top 10 list. 
  • Lettuce raise a toast (erm, bowl) to the greens we love most: It looks like Thunder Bay, Montréal, and Halifax really committed to their New Year’s resolutions—they ordered the most healthy food last year! 
  • Is it picky eating, or is it knowing what you want? (It’s picky eating): Canada’s largest cities—and perhaps the loudest—appear to be the pickiest as people in Toronto, Vancouver and Montréal most often add special instructions to their orders.
  • We love having a world of flavour right in the palm of our hands: The mosaic of cultures making up our great nation mirrors our dining habits. From top-ordered cuisine like Japanese, Indian, and Chinese, to classic North American favourites like pizza and burgers, it’s clear that our diverse palates are keen for adventure. 
  • Conquering mid-month blues, one bite at a time: We’re all looking for ways to add a little razzle-dazzle to our mid-month routines, so no surprise that the most popular day of the month for takeout is the 14th. And what better time to treat yourself than after the workday ends? 6PM is when the magic happens, people.
  • You can choose your adventure with Uber Eats: Canadians from coast to coast were looking for paradise with mixed drinks like margaritas, piña coladas and sangrías. For a quick sugar buzz, Canadians opted for convenience items like slushies, pop, and candy. But balance is key—we also saw Canadians ordering lots of healthy fruits and vegetables as part of their grocery orders. The most popular day and time of the week to order groceries is Sunday at 4PM.

“This year’s Uber Eats Cravings Report shows us that—even as we turn a corner on the pandemic—Canadians across the country are still relying on Uber Eats to bring their special requests to life,”  says Lola Kassim, General Manager of Uber Eats Canada. “This year, Canadians wanted spice, extra pickles, a lot of fries, and nuggets on the side. Consumers have also been opting for convenience by ordering their groceries and essential items for delivery.” 

See the full 2022 Uber Canada Cravings Report below.

A world of adventure and flavour: The top cuisines in Canada
Our palates are hungry for adventure and Uber Eats responds. 

  1. Japanese 
  2. Indian
  3. Chinese 
  4. Pizza
  5. Burgers 
  6. Vietnamese 
  7. Mexican 
  8. Korean 
  9. Middle Eastern 
  10. Italian 

We’re always feeling generous: The cities that tip the most
In true Canuck fashion, we continue to show our appreciation with tips whenever we can. 

  1. Victoria
  2. Sherbrooke 
  3. Quebec City 
  4. Gatineau 
  5. Trois-Rivieres 
  6. Edmonton 
  7. Nanaimo 
  8. Ottawa
  9. Calgary
  10. Halifax

We’re as green as can be: The cities that order the most “healthy food”
You are what you eat—so why aren’t we a healthy power bowl yet?
(based on restaurants labelled “healthy” in the app)

  1. Thunder Bay 
  2. Montreal 
  3. Halifax 
  4. Kingston
  5. Toronto 
  6. Kitchener-Waterloo
  7. Vancouver 
  8. Ottawa 
  9. Hamilton 
  10. Gatineau 

We mind our please and thank yous: The most polite cities
Would this be a Canadian Cravings Report if we weren’t polite about it?
(based on who says please, thank you and merci the most on their orders)

  1. Kingston
  2. Ottawa 
  3. Peterborough 
  4. London
  5. Victoria 
  6. Kitchener-Waterloo 
  7. Hamilton
  8. Calgary 
  9. Niagara Region 
  10. Kelowna 

The heart (and mouth) wants what it wants: The pickiest cities in Canada
Is it picky eating, or do we just like what we like?
(based on who has the most special instructions on their orders)

  1. Toronto – hot sauce on the side
  2. Vancouver – no green onion
  3. Montreal – extra sauce svp
  4. Ottawa – extra pickle  
  5. Edmonton – extra pickle
  6. Calgary – extra mayo 
  7. Hamilton – no hot sauce 
  8. Kitchener-Waterloo – no olives 
  9. Halifax – salt and pepper 
  10. Winnipeg – extra pickle

It’s like a reward: The most expensive Uber Eats orders
T.O, Van City, and MTL know how to ball out. 

  1. Toronto $1,048.01 from a burger joint 
  2. Vancouver $1,039.01 from a Japanese restaurant 
  3. Montreal $893.54 from a cheese shop and bakery 

We’ve got our eyes on the fries: The top requested sides 

  1. Fries 
  2. Nuggets 
  3. Poutine 
  4. Dipping sauce 
  5. Miso soup 

A bevy of beverages: The most popular alcoholic drink orders
From beers and ciders to mixed drinks, we’re looking to celebrate—even when ordering in. 

  1. Margaritas 
  2. Beer 
  3. Pina colada 
  4. Cider 
  5. Sangria

We’re keeping it super fresh: The most popular grocery items
We’ll eat our fruits and veggies and you don’t have to tell us twice. 

  1. Banana  
  2. Strawberries  
  3. Cucumbers 
  4. Milk
  5. Eggs 
  6. Green onions 
  7. Raspberries 
  8. Tomatoes 
  9. Water 
  10. Lemons 

How convenient: The most popular convenience items
One thing that Canadians love more than a quick and sweet pick-me-up is a quick, sweet and convenient pick-me-up. 

  1. Slushie 
  2. Pop 
  3. Candy 
  4. Chocolate 
  5. Energy drinks