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January 25 / Canada

Creating an enjoyable buying experience is a great way to build strong relationships with your prospects and customers and ultimately drive revenue. In the past, this could have easily been achieved through an in-person meeting, event, or over a meal. But as businesses continue to operate in remote and socially distant environments these in-person interactions are less than ideal, and in most cases, unadvisable. 

Vouchers for Uber Eats or rides make it easy to offer meals and delivery to your customers, virtually, and help you continue to build trust throughout the buying cycle—all while staying within your budget. Set your spending cap and time constraints on your Uber for Business dashboard, and only pay for what your recipients redeem. Engage with your prospects during their journey and enhance the experience by offering them a meal as an incentive to buy, as a reward for their loyalty, or as a thank-you for booking a meeting. Vouchers give you the opportunity to build strong relationships with your customers by creating a memorable experience over food. 

Use Vouchers during the buyer’s journey

Your customers’ personal and professional lives have converged as they continue to work from home and their attention and time are much more valuable. Grab their attention by providing them with some added value for taking the time to meet with you. Whether you’re looking to close the deal, or are trying to start your customer relationship on the right foot, offering an Uber Eats voucher so that they can order from their favorite restaurant is a meaningful way to show that you appreciate their time.

Pro-tip: Mention that you’ll send them a voucher during the meeting, to incentivize them to show up. 

Use Vouchers to increase customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is one of the best ways to grow your bottom line, and one of the best ways to keep your customers loyal is to reward them for their continued business. In fact, 60% of customers will stay loyal to a company if they are offered unexpected rewards. Think about offering an existing customer a voucher to get the ball rolling on that next upsell, cross-sell, or renewal.

Pro-Tip: Offer vouchers to your customers when they hit a major milestone.

As in-person events and meetings have been postponed for the foreseeable future, covering meals and delivery for your prospects and customers can go a long way when it comes to building strong customer relationships. Adapting your sales strategy in a time where virtual interactions have become the norm is crucial to the success of your revenue teams.

Download our guide,  Win with Uber: sales plays for any team, to learn more virtual sales tactics that your team can use to build strong customer relationships and drive revenue.