Scarborough and Brampton, meet uberPOOL

April 11, 2017 / Toronto

It’s been 1 year since uberPOOL launched in Toronto and it’s incredible to see riders across the GTA embrace carpooling and share their ride. More people in fewer cars means less congestion on our roads. To date, uberPOOL riders in Toronto have already contributed to saving over 4.6million kilometres driven and cut a potential of 500,000 kgs of CO2 emissions in our city.

Starting today, uberPOOL will also be available in Brampton and Scarborough. Now people on the go in these cities will have the option to share their ride with others heading the same way at the same time. With more people in fewer cars, riding becomes more affordable and there is less time between trips for drivers.

To help riders in the GTA get around with ease and celebrate the expansion of uberPOOL, trips to or from 4 major transit stations (up to 10km) are now a $5 flat fare*.

  • Brampton GO Station
  • Mount Pleasant GO Station
  • Scarborough GO Station
  • Kennedy TTC Station

How it works:

  1. Set your destination on the “Where To?” bar, anywhere in the uberPOOL service area
  2. Select uberPOOL and request your ride
  3. Enjoy a ride to any of the above transit stations for $5 flat*

Learn more about uberPOOL here.

Have questions? Get answers to frequently asked questions about uberPOOL here.

Expanded uberPOOL coverage area

Expanded uberPOOL Coverage map

*Available for a limited time, until June 1, 2017. Trips must be taken within 10km of transit station. No promotion code required