August 17, 2016 / Ottawa

To help spread positive awareness and celebrate Pride, we reached out to our Ottawa driver and UberEATS partners to share their stories and messages of how Love Moves Us and what Pride means to them.


Glen, Uber Driver-Partner

“I came out 21 years ago, when we were fighting for our rights and equality. Myself and countless others saw the dire need for a collective gathering to be heard. Our message was one of peace and an informal request to be treated just like our straight neighbours, colleagues and friends. It’s not easy, feeling like you’re “going against the grain” in which some people has referred to being gay as a choice. I wish it was that simple. It was this lack of knowledge that we needed to reach out to our community, to show compassion and acceptance to a society that had little for us at the time.

Mix in some hard work, some political ‘firsts’ and fast forward 21 years later and we get today’s inclusive society within the most welcoming countries in the world–well almost. Laws may change, but people’s way of thinking doesn’t change overnight. This is where we still need to reach out, with kindness and assist those who need it. After 21 years of being true to myself, to my family and friends, I can honestly say that it gets better–almost perfect I’d say. It takes a lot of soul-sucking, negative energy to live a lie, to live a life that some people believe to be the social norm.

Pride (in one’s true self) has brought communities together all over this planet. With helping hand and a little love, Pride grows within you and extends to other facets of your life; Pride in your professional work, Pride in your family, Pride in your Country and Pride in your Ride. I share this ‘Pride in my Ride’ on every Uber request. I am honoured to be a part of an groundbreaking organization which chooses love, compassion and acceptance for everyone within my community. #UberPride #UberOttawa”


Barbara Ann, UberEATS Restaurant Partner at MLD DWN

“To me, Pride is about celebrating love in all of its forms. It is about everyone’s right to exist without persecution. It’s about coming together as a community and celebrating our differences and reveling in our similarities.”

“Love is generalist, compassion, kindnnes , and hospitality. 100%”
– Elijah, Uber driver-partner

“Everyone needs love, love and love.”
– Jude, Uber driver-partner

“Pride means that as a human being, we have freedom of choice.”
– Abdel, Uber driver-partner

“I’m straight yet I’ve been to a local LGBTQ meetup once out of curiosity. Sitting beside an individual that identified as a man but frequently dressed and Identified as a woman , I could only imagine the social challenges this person faced daily. We have a long way to go towards acceptance, and Pride events help spread awareness in the hopes of a future without prejudice.”
– Nicholas, Uber driver-partner