Ted’s story: Father of three, Family of Driver-Partners

December 1, 2017 / Canada

Dads drive us forward in life whether it’s to school, practice, work, or just by being there. Ted is one of the many fathers who drive with Uber in Toronto but what is extra special about Ted is that almost all of his family drives too. We asked Ted and his family of Uber partners to share their story.

Meet Ted and his family.

Uber: Ted, how did you start driving with Uber? 
Ted (Dad): It was a year and a half ago when I first tried Uber. At the time, I worked in Sales and was in downtown Toronto for meetings. I decided to walk from meeting to meeting for exercise but then started to really feel the heat—I was in a suit in the sun. After the next meeting, my boss pulled out his phone and requested an Uber. I had no idea what Uber was but it arrived in about 30 seconds and that was good enough for me. I remember thinking, “this is really cool” and downloading the app on the spot.

Meet Ted

Uber: How did the rest of the family get started? 
Brandon (Son): DAD! He’s referred around 10 people to drive. *they all laugh* Lena (Mom): I already knew I liked driving—I drive a school bus and have spent a lot of time driving my family over the years. Ted would come home after driving and proceed to tell me about his day and all the people he met. I was sold. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories and seeing new areas of the city.

Uber: Celine, what did you think about all of this Uber business? 
Celene (Daughter): I hadn’t really heard of it at the time but when I told my friends, they were all super impressed and were like “Your dad is going to drive with Uber? No way!” It’s crazy because now it’s part of our everyday language and everyone knows about Uber.

Uber: What is your favourite part of being an Uber partner? 
Ted: The best part for me is meeting new people. My wife and I have both been limo drivers before so we try and give our riders limo-like service. 

Lena: Thanks to UberEATS, I know where all the greatest restaurants in Toronto are. It’s so hard to resist ordering food right then and there—everything looks so good! Brandon: I can drive when it works for me. I’m an actor so my hours are far from 9-5. It’s nice to be able to hit the road at any time and make some extra money.

Meet Ted

Uber: Where can we find the Lederer’s when they’re not behind the wheel? 
Ted: Uber is a hobby for all of us. My son is an actor, my wife is a school bus driver, and I’m in sales and also a mentor. When we aren’t working, you can find us at our local Starbucks, church or just enjoying some R&R at home.

Uber: What advice would you give people who are thinking about driving with Uber? 
Ted: It’s a great way to earn an extra income If you have extra time, enjoy driving, and like people. You can have fun and make money doing something you enjoy.