Sandra’s story: Mother of two, Driver-Partner

December 1, 2017 / Canada

Meet Sandra.

Sandra was born in Toronto and has lived in the city most of her life—she’s one of the best people to show riders around. She grew up near Dufferin and Dupont, a neighbourhood in Toronto that she still calls home today.

Meet Sandra

“I figured, I’m a great driver. I love people. Let’s try this Uber thing. What do I have to lose?”

Sandra, Uber Toronto Driver-Partner

May 2016 wasn’t long ago but Sandra has already completed over 1,000 trips since starting with Uber. She’ll tell you, “It just feels right. I can do anything. When people second guess me in life, I work even harder to do even better.” Her can-do attitude leads to many motivational experiences while behind the wheel.

Meet Sandra

As a mother of two, Uber gives Sandra the freedom to spend time with her boys, Isaiah and Xavier. She can be there for every field trip, recital, and to read them books at night before bed, without feeling stretched between work and family time. Family is very important to Sandra. She enjoys that she can set her own schedule and that her time at home gets to come first. Not to mention, driving has helped her save enough money to fund extra special moments, like a vacation with her family to Africa.

“She was a very good driver and made my Monday way better. Thank you, Chica!”

Uber Toronto Rider on Sandra

Sandra loves getting to know people. She says it’s one of her favourite parts about driving. “I’m definitely a people person. I love meeting new people and learning more about them.” The feeling is usually mutual—Sandra’s passengers describe her as an incredibly friendly person who makes their day better.

Meet Sandra

She admits that in the beginning, she had a lot of questions. When a friend’s dad first told her about Uber, she says she didn’t know what it was. Once Toronto passed regulations the idea seemed more real, “I figured, I’m a great driver. I love people. Let’s try this Uber thing. What do I have to lose?”

As a mom, she says she is a pro at multitasking, which has helped her get the hang of driving quickly, especially on uberPOOL trips. The most important thing to Sandra is to have fun and make every trip with Uber a memorable one.