Murilo’s story: Actor, Entrepreneur, New to Canada, Father, Driver-Partner

December 1, 2017 / Canada

Meet Murilo.

An ambitious businessman and loving father who has been driving with Uber since 2015. Murilo’s bright personality stands out instantly—he has lived in several cities across North America and is full of interesting stories. Perhaps what’s most amazing about him though is the number of things he currently has on the go.

Meet Murilo

Murilo is passionate about the arts and is a professional actor, director, producer, and writer—keep an eye out for him on stage or on the screen. He’s also an active entrepreneur who is juggling many small businesses. Even when he’s not driving with Uber, Murilo is on the road helping people discover Toronto by providing city tours to out-of-town visitors. But that’s not all, Murilo advises on body and spiritual health as a Physical Education Teacher and Holistic Therapist as well. His riders are surely in for an inspirational ride.

“The absolute best! Such a kind and positive human being. Great driver, lovely company.”

Uber Toronto Rider on Murilo

With such busy days, Murilo says he really values the flexibility he gets with Uber. It’s a big deal for him. He can go to auditions and focus on growing his businesses—hit the road for a few hours in between—then spend evenings with his family.

Meet Murilo

Murilo and his family moved to Toronto, Canada from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil three years ago. “Canada is a great place for my family, it’s safe and friendly. People here support each other and there are lots of parks and libraries to spend time at.” It’s important to Murilo that his wife and son are surrounded by good people and welcoming places.

“The very best way to develop my English is by driving with Uber. I’ll always thank my many riders for the great conversations.”

Murilo, Toronto driver-partner

One of his favourite places to spend time is at is his neighbourhood library in North York. “You can find everything inside of a library—books, movies, everything. I can develop all of my passions while working on my English.” And while the library is a great place to learn English, Murilo finds the best way to practice English is by having conversations with his riders.