Janelle’s story: Singer, Driver-Partner

December 1, 2017 / Canada

“Singing is my passion. Driving makes it possible.”

Meet Janelle.

Janelle has a star presence—she gives off style and grace interchangeably with a guitar strapped on one shoulder. It’s no surprise that riders frequently rate her 5-stars for making them feel comfortable in the car.

Meet Janelle

Janelle is a singer in Toronto. “I discovered my passion for singing from a pageant contest! And ever since, driving with Uber makes it possible for me to pursue a singing career.” It was 2009 when Janelle joined the pageant as a contestant and decided to sing for the talent show. Since then, she is encouraged to pursue a singing career by many who hear her voice.

As a passionate performer, Janelle takes pride in singing for her riders en route to help them enjoy their ride. But that’s not all; she takes it one step further and shares her latest playlist additions. You’re guaranteed to leave her car with a smile on your face and a tune to take with you throughout the day.

“I’m a full-time singer and a part-time Uber partner. Singing is my passion. Driving makes it possible. Some of my passengers ask me to sing for them. The ones who don’t? Well, they end up hearing me sing anyways. Can’t really help it. ”

Janelle, Toronto driver-partner

Across the city of Toronto, Janelle performs with a local band at events, bars, and weddings. As she juggles her time around booked shows, Janelle drives with Uber for a flexible source of income. She says that Uber helps her singing career by giving her new opportunities to connect with people. “It’s all about networking!” She has developed new relationships and contacts from her trips, which have helped her get new gigs to showcase her talent.

Meet Janelle

As Janelle builds her singing career, she would like to continue sharing her passion during her Uber trips. She enjoys various music genres, especially Motown and Folk. “Sometimes when I’m driving, my passengers and I sing along and end up with different styles for the song.” Riders sometimes join in for an in-car jam session.

“Absolutely the best ride home. Felt like driving with a friend. Lots of laughs to end the night.”

Uber Toronto rider on Janelle

Meet Janelle

It’s people like this and experiences like these that make Uber rides memorable. Listen to Janelle’s inspirations and music covers on her Youtube channel here.