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How Brightline transforms customer experience at all steps of the journey, with Brightline+ and Uber

January 19 / Canada

Brightline, the leading provider of modern, eco-friendly, intercity rail in America, has established a new partnership between Brightline+ and Uber. Brightline is addressing the first-/last-mile challenge by tapping into Uber’s API and including Uber among its shared mobility partners. This tech solution makes it significantly easier for customers to choose transit as their preferred option.

Photo courtesy of Brightline 

Getting more Americans to take transit 

Brightline+ seeks to reduce personal car use by offering high-speed rail in some of the country’s most popular destinations. Since launching in January 2018, Brightline has rapidly expanded and now connects Miami, Aventura, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and West Palm beach with more than 3 million riders. 

Like many transportation providers across the country, Brightline wants to solve the first-/last-mile challenge so that more Americans will take transit. In 2021, Brightline introduced Brightline+, which launched with a fleet of eco-friendly vehicles to offer rides to and from train stations. 

Inspired by the program’s success, the new Brightline+ and Uber partnership is designed to meet increasing customer demand and enhance Brightline+ even further. The existing mobility service that already includes airport shuttles, event shuttles, and neighborhood electric vehicles now also enables travelers to request an integrated Uber ride to get to and from Brightline stations.

How technology has improved the customer experience

Now Brightline takes another step by tapping into Uber’s API. The collaboration between the 2 companies is an excellent example of how APIs are transforming the customer experience at all steps of people’s journeys. 

Commuters and travelers can now pre-book private first- and last-mile trips to and from 5 Brightline train stations with Uber within the Brightline app. They can also purchase train tickets and plan their entire journey without juggling multiple apps or websites. To boost customer loyalty, Brightline guests who book Premium tickets receive a complimentary Uber trip within 5 miles of a Brightline station. 

Overall, the partnership between Brightline and Uber is a win for customers, who get a more enjoyable and stress-free experience with less friction.

“It is critical to our guest experience that access to our stations is convenient and seamless,” says Patrick Goddard, President of Brightline. “This partnership meets our guests’ preferences and demands by unlocking an online fleet of vehicles to provide a door-to-door service when using Brightline.”

A future-forward plan 

Brightline intends to expand service in Florida with trains on course to connect Miami to Orlando and has eyes on breaking ground in the West with a high-speed route that will connect Los Angeles and Las Vegas. 

One of the biggest benefits of the partnership with Uber is that it allows Brightline to tap into Uber’s huge customer base wherever it plans to offer service next by connecting guests through a familiar rideshare option. With the integration of Uber into Brightline+, Uber service is now easily accessible to the millions who use Brightline. 

And that means Brightline can attract more commuters and travelers who might have chosen to drive or fly to their destination.

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