Changes to fares in Bahrain

May 12, 2019 / Bahrain

Uber is all about providing access to reliable and affordable rides for anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. Bahrain is undergoing important economic changes this year. With the recent introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT), we share the concerns of riders and partner drivers alike and always do our best to find solutions that will benefit both. The updated fare will take into effect on May 13th at 12AM.

The updated fare structure is as follows:

 Fare Components
Current XUpdated X
Per Kilometer0.160.16
Per Min0.060.06

How will this affect riders?

To reflect these recent changes, trip fares will increase slightly on UberX in the rides app. In the coming days, you will see these updates reflected in your Uber app.

How will this affect driver partners?

VAT affects almost every service in the Kingdom, including the services provided by Uber to the driver partners; the new prices factor in the additional tax that impacts their earnings. Therefore, the change in fare prices allows partner drivers earnings to improve in order to make up for the additional tax that affects them.

We are continuously working on improving your Uber experience, and for you to have a reliable and affordable ride whenever you need one.