Celebrate National Day with Us!

December 15, 2016 / Bahrain

The country has been gearing up for this big day, and we want you to enjoy a long weekend filled with Bahraini food, culture and music. With your ride at a tap of a button, there is no excuse to stay at home.

Bahrain National Museum

Spend a day at one of the largest and oldest public museums in the country and enhance your knowledge of Bahrain’s history and heritage.

Museum of Pearl Diving

Did you know that Bahrain supplied 80% of the world’s pearl market? Learn about the history of Bahrain’s pearl industry and enjoy displays of Bahrain’s pearl-diving and seafaring heritage.

Bahrain National Day Playlist brought to you by Anghami

Celebrate Bahrain with this patriotic playlist. Dance, sing or just hum to your favorite songs about this beautiful country.