New Year’s Eve Pro Tips and Surge Pricing

December 29, 2014 / Bulgaria

New Year’s Eve is upon us and with it one of the most festive and busy night of the year.  As always we’re here to ensure you have a safe and reliable ride all night long. Use these great Uber Pro Tips s to help you move around the city like an expert and make your holiday travels even more seamless.


Double-check your pick up destination. To be sure manually enter your address so your driver knows where to meet you. Tap the address at the top of the screen to enter your location or select it from Favorite Places, if it is entered there.


Don’t worry, check the bottom of your receipt email for the “Click here if you lost something on this trip” link or visit for your driver’s contact info. You can reach out directly to recover your lost item.


Our goal is to be the most reliable ride on the road and sometimes we see such high demand that the number of available cars gets tight, so we have introduced a few changes in the service here in Sofia, to make sure you get the desired ride, even at peak demand hours. During this time, surge pricing will automatically go into effect to encourage more drivers to get out on the road. As demand goes down and more cars free up, the rates will go back to normal. You will always be notified when the Surge Pricing is in effect, before you request an Uber and then immediately after you request, in case you want to cancel the ride. You can choose to ride now or get a notification when Surge Pricing is over. The Uber app will always show the current pricing.


Not sure how much the ride will be? You can always get a fare quote from or directly in the app.


Split the ride home with Fare Splitting. Just tap the “up arrow”, next to your driver’s info and select “Split Fare”. Then select the friend you are riding with and tap send. If your friend does not have the Uber app, he or she will be requested to download the app and sign up.

Do you have questions? Give us a shout at

Are you passionate about Uber and interested in joining our awesome team? We’re looking for a General Manager to take this beautiful city by storm, so don’t hesitate to apply.

Have a fabulous New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year 2015!

The Uber Sofia Team