Drivers are at the heart of everything we do at Uber. 

Marking the 5 year anniversary in Bangladesh, we announced the first ever Hero Driver Partner Awards today to recognise, appreciate and celebrate their contributions in this journey. Three Car Drivers and two Moto Drivers were awarded this year. Each awardee received a cash award of BDT 25,000 and a trophy. Awarded for their top performance, highest ratings, service quality and community service during the pandemic, these five awardees are: 

  • Md. Milon for his incredible service to the community, completing 14,383 car trips, and a top rating of 4.92. 
  • Md. Kuddus Miah for his incredible service quality and demonstrated extraordinary care for passengers, clocking 14,491 car trips with a rating of 4.82.
  • Md. Shojib Hossain for being a Covid Hero completing the maximum number of  car trips during Covid emergency, completing 9,393 lifetime Car trips with a top rating of 4.95.
  • Md. Mostafa Kamal, for his contribution of clocking the maximum number of  Uber Moto trips with 9457 and a top rating of 4.91
  • Md Ziaur Rahman for his incredible service quality and demonstrated extraordinary care for passengers, completing 6,658 Uber Moto trips and a top rating of 4.93  

We are proud of what we have achieved in the last five years and the love we have received from our communities. Our journey is only just beginning and we look forward to celebrating many more milestones in the years to come. Bangladesh is emerging as one of the economic power hubs in the world and we stand committed to moving our country forward. Our pledge to curb noise pollution, providing vaccine support to our communities and creating livelihood opportunities are just a few of the many ways we stand committed. 

We would also like to thank every driver and rider on our platform, because we wouldn’t be here without their support. We would also like to congratulate our Hero Driver Partner Award winners!! We love their stories.

Award Winner Md. Milon

Md. Milon, 41, used to work for a private car service provider, and it was challenging for him to meet his living expenses with the earnings from this job, especially with the ever increasing cost of living. When he came to know about the opportunity of driving on Uber’s platform, he thought of taking it up as a challenge and giving it a shot. He wanted to try it out and see whether his income levels would improve. It turned out they would, and soon his micro enterprise turned profitable. Now his days of financial stresses are over and he manages the household expenses of his small family of four quite comfortably. His seven- year-old son is going to join school soon and he is looking forward to raising him well and sending him to a good school. He is quite confident that by paying attention to his micro enterprise, he’ll be able to cope with all the foreseen and unforeseen circumstances in his life. Uber is awarding him for his service to the community, completing more than 14,000 car trips till date, and a top rating of 4.92. He has been driving on Uber’s platform for quite some time. 

Award Winner Md. Kuddus Meah

Md. Kuddus Meah, 53, used to drive for a private company, earning barely the minimum wage to support his family. However, the high cost of living and financial stress was making his life quite difficult. Every day was a struggle for him and his family of five. One day, he heard about Uber from a friend and he downloaded the app. He found it user-friendly, accessible and realised that it could be a golden opportunity for improved earnings and a better quality of life. So he decided to start driving on Uber’s platform. This decision changed his life forever and now he earns at least twice as much as what he used to earn on an average, per month. This, in turn, has stabilised his life as he is able to cover for his monthly household expenses. Kuddus Meah enjoys driving on Uber. One of his most memorable experiences was transporting a patient to the hospital. He has also returned lost mobile phones to their owners on several occasions after riders forget them in his car. Besides being an incredibly helpful person, he’s also known for clocking a high number of trips.  So far he has successfully completed more than 14,000 trips with a rating of 4.82.

Award Winner Md. Sojib Hossain

Md. Sojib Hossain, 26, used to drive a private car and he used to make a sufficient living. However, the hectic nature of his job was stressful and he was not happy. He did not have flexibility and quality time to spend with his family. He could never dream of going on a family vacation. He was in search of happiness and freedom and a profession that could give him flexibility. Upon learning about Uber, he decided to give it a try. This decision changed his life. Now, with the flexibility of choosing his own working hours, he gets to spend more time with his family. After switching to Uber, Sojib even started providing for the community as a frontliner. He has saved hundreds of lives by ensuring safe travels during medical emergencies in COVID-19 pandemic. Other than being the COVID warrior, he is well known for his highest number of trips and rating. He has successfully completed 9,393 trips with a top rating of 4.95.

Uber Hero Driver Partner Award
Md. Sojib Hossain receives the award

Award Winner Md. Mostafa Kamal

Md. Mostofa, 42, used to live in Italy. Due to an unfortunate incident he had to return to Bangladesh in 2017. He started working in a car rental company for a living. In this job, he had to manage the car rentals but his earning was inadequate and uncertain. This uncertainty caused a lot of difficulties as he has a family to support. At that point, Mostofa got to know about Uber from his uncle. His uncle also bought a motorcycle for him. After driving on Uber’s platform, he started earning well enough to support his family expenses. He even bought a smartphone for his son’s studies. One of his best qualities that has earned him maximum compliments from riders is that he focuses more on their comfort and safety. He drives anywhere, sometimes even out of zone to ensure a comfortable and safe trip experience for riders. With this positive attitude and his sense of responsibility towards the riders and the community at large, he has a rating of 4.91, covering the highest number of 9,457 trips.

Award Winner Md. Ziaur Rahman 

Ever since he was a child, 36 years old Md. Ziaur Rahman’s dream was to join the Bangladesh Army. After completing his Secondary School Certificate (SSC), he got to fulfil his cherished dream. However, his dream came to an early end after a tragic accident which left him with a fractured hand. With shattered dreams and no source of income, he started to fall apart. Especially because he has a family of 3 and he was the sole bread earner. One day, he learnt about Uber from a friend. He felt that he could generate a stable income by driving on Uber’s platform. He started driving for Uber and never had to look back again. Being an ex-army person, he works really hard and earns more than thrice of what he used to earn, per month. One of his memorable trips was during the time of student protests in 2018. Many of the roads in Dhaka were blocked. During one of his trips, the rider had to board a Chattogram bound flight and he was in a tearing hurry. His wife was in labour. Somehow Ziaur managed to skip the blocked roads and dropped off the rider at the airport on time. The rider offered him a tip for his excellent service but he refused to take it. His conscience would not allow it. Till now Ziaur has successfully completed 6658 trips with a rating of 4.93. He has exceptional navigational skills and a spectacular attitude towards his profession.

Receiving the award
Md. Ziaur Rehman receiving the Uber Hero Driver Partner Award

We remain firm in our commitment to create micro-entrepreneurship opportunities for thousands of Bangladeshis and helping the nation to build back better.