Many eligible voters say lack of transportation is a roadblock to get to the polls, and the coronavirus pandemic could make this issue even more challenging this year. Because every American citizen should have access to vote, we announced a national ‘Get Out The Vote’ campaign to help the communities we serve and to encourage our employees to exercise their right to vote this Election Day. To drive this initiative, we are partnering with Vote Early Day, National Voter Registration Day, Civic Alliance, and Pizza to the Polls.

“As we look ahead to this year’s election, we are committed to doing our part to make sure every citizen has access to vote,” Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said. “In addition to providing resources on the Uber and Uber Eats platforms to help individuals register to vote and get to the polls, we are proud to announce that we are also giving employees the day off, feeding people in line to vote, and looking into other ways to unite the communities we serve on Election Day,” Khosrowshahi added.

Steven Levine, Director of the Civic Alliance, said: “We are proud to call Uber a member company of the Civic Alliance. From promoting the 2020 Census to encouraging its community to vote, Uber is demonstrating strong civic leadership among companies in 2020. With today’s announcement reaffirming the company’s commitment to empower and support its communities, the company is helping more Americans shape our country’s future.”

Lauren Kunis, Program Director of National Voter Registration Day, added, “With COVID-19 resulting in the loss of millions of voter registrations by the month, registering new voters is now more important than ever before. To meet this challenge, we are setting out to make this year’s National Voter Registration Day on September 22 the biggest one yet. We are thrilled to welcome Uber on board as a partner, and to have them join an ever-increasing number of companies, nonprofits, election officials, libraries, and more that are standing at the ready to get voters registered and ready to vote in record numbers on or before Election Day.” 

“Vote Early Day is thrilled to welcome Uber as a Premier Partner. Over 200 million Americans have options to vote early in the upcoming election. As part of this partnership, Uber will celebrate the inaugural Vote Early Day on October 24th, 2020 to ensure that eligible voters take advantage of their options to vote early – in-person or by-mail,” Joey Wozniak, Project Director of Vote Early Day added.

Pizza to the Polls is psyched to team up with Uber Eats to deliver some tasty treats to voters waiting to cast a ballot,” says Scott Duncombe, co-founder of Pizza to the Polls. “We know waiting in line is difficult – we’ll deliver snacks to make it better.”

Through the power of the Uber app, users will find various tools to access important information, from registering to vote, to early voting and Election Day procedures. We are proud to use our technology to help Americans safely get to the polls this Election Day. So leading up to and on November 3rd, Uber will have you covered, all you have to do is one thing: vote!