At Uber, safety and magical user experience have always been our top priority. By taking bold and transparent steps as a company, we’ve not only strived to enhance safety standards on our platform but also set new industry benchmarks.

From its inception, the rideshare industry gained people’s trust and confidence because of the safety and convenience it provides to customers. Today, we are excited to launch a joint campaign with Pathao to further raise that bar. We aim to build a safer rideshare industry for the people of Bangladesh. 

During the first phase of this industry-first collaboration, we’ll raise awareness about various existing rideshare safety mechanisms and measures, available on our platforms. These include trackable, insured rides with verified details of the drivers and vehicles, and stringent mandatory document validation standards which the companies believe make rideshare trips a safer method of transportation. Approved and regulated by the authorities, rideshare options are a convenient and safer mobility option, unlocking opportunities for both drivers and riders alike.  

We’ll also roll out a common driver training module to the entire base of drivers on our respective platforms during the initial phase. Our goal is to educate driver partners about how they can help ensure their own safety as well as the safety of riders. The training module will include general guidelines for motor vehicle movement, traffic signs and how to use them, implications of violating traffic and road safety rules, and various other relevant topics per the regulations. 

Commenting about this partnership, Fahim Ahmed, CEO, Pathao said, “We have always prioritized the safety of our riders and passengers and undertaken different collaborative approaches with government and non-government entities. We strongly believe that this collaboration with Uber will help us to set a higher industry standard for safety and ensure quality rides for all.”

Today, app-based ridesharing is a popular option for mobility, largely because of the convenience, reliability, and in-app safety features. And this is just the beginning of a long-term collaboration between Uber and Pathao.

As always, we’ll continue to partner closely with all our stakeholders; the regulators, industry peers, and our customers. Such collaborations set a precedent, and we wanted to ensure that our actions were rooted in the spirit of doing, not the easy thing, but the right thing. Because people should be safe no matter what platform they choose.