Road collisions in Bangladesh have reached epidemic levels. According to a report by Accident Research Institute (ARI) of BUET and Bangladesh Jatri Kalyan Samiti, 25,120 people died and 62,482 were injured in road crashes across the country in the past three years. On a macro level, road fatalities pose a serious challenge to global development. On a micro level, a road mishap can have a significant socio-economic impact on the individual and his family. With an aim to raise awareness around this critical issue, Uber has launched a Road Safety campaign in Bangladesh. 

Today, tackling the road safety crisis has become a social imperative and an economic necessity. Reiterating our commitment to keeping #SafetyAtHeart of everything we do, the campaign aims to raise public awareness around the need for road safety. It will also sensitise Uber driver partners, and everyone who is out on the road, on road safety best practices. 

Brand ambassador and cricketer, Shakib Al Hasan, kicked-off Uber’s month-long campaign through a video post on Instagram and Facebook. Under the ambit of the campaign, Uber will drive initiatives like  Driver Welfare Program.. This will include initiatives like  free eye checkup, training workshops, and helmet distribution for Uber Moto drivers. Simultaneously, Uber will also raise awareness on and off-ground to bolster overall safety of riders and drivers. 

With only half of the world’s vehicles, developing countries continue to account for an astounding percentage of road traffic fatalities. As motorisation penetration continues to grow, it is but essential to work towards building safer roads. We firmly believe that road safety is a shared responsibility where each party leverages its respective assets. To that end, partnerships are essential to improve infrastructure and also engage with drivers, riders, businesses, and the  community at large on road safety etiquettes.

With this campaign, we wish to express our solidarity with the government’s vision of making Bangladesh roads safer, and also sensitise our riders driver partners to make better, safer choices while on the road.