Uber Moto Safety SOP in Bangladesh

September 16 / Bangladesh

Uber is working round the clock to ensure that riders and drivers are provided maximum safety against COVID while they use the platform. Motorbike being an essential mode of transport, we have adopted a 5 pronged approach ensuring maximum safety measures for both rider and driver safety.

1. Technology-based solutions

We implemented several technology-based solutions to ensure maximum awareness about the safety measures and ensuring adherence to the government guidelines of wearing masks.

  • Selfie based mask compliance: Real-time Selfie check a.k.a Mutumbo detects whether a Driver Partner is wearing a mask every time he goes online. If not, the driver-partner is not allowed to take trips.
  • Rider and Driver Checklist: Riders and Drivers are pushed to acknowledge that they are following the safety guidelines before they take the trip. This checklist is pushed in-app when before every trip. Unless this checklist is validated by both riders and drivers, the access to the app won’t be given to them
    Rider Checklist

Driver Checklist:
  Drivers have to indicate that 

  1. They don’t have COVID-19 related symptoms
  2. They are wearing a mask (this is also verified)
  3. The vehicle is sanitized
  4. They are washing their hands

  • Rider Notification:  Based on the driver’s input on Driver Checklist, riders receive a notification before every trip that the driver is following all the safety measures like wearing the masks, using sanitizers, etc. This is to boost the rider confidence in adherence to safety protocols. 

  • Feedback tags: Both drivers and riders have the ability to rate each other on their compliance with new safety norms. Drivers can report that the rider is not wearing a mask. The rider can also report that the driver is not wearing a mask or the vehicle looks unsanitized etc. They are also provided with options to choose at the end of the trip on whether the rating was poor due to non-adherence to safety protocols

2. Distribution

We are distributing PPE such as masks, sanitizers, and shower caps to our driver-partners  through pre-decided distribution centres across the cities. The drivers collect the PPE from the distribution centres  and are trained there to use PPE before and during every trip.

3. Policy

We have drafted a very stringent Safety policy for drivers to use PPEs for each Moto trip

  1. The motorcycle, especially its handle, seat, the place where the passenger keeps hand and helmet should be cleaned and disinfected using spray or soap 
  2. Driver and the passenger should sanitize or wash their hands before starting each ride 
  3.  Both driver and rider should wear face masks. The helmets should be sanitized and to riders should use shower cap with the helmet if possible
  4. While parking, distance should be maintained from the crowd and maximum distance between driver and rider should be ensured while sharing a ride  
  5. To ensure motorcycle driver and passanger’s cleanliness, hands should be sanitized in regular interval, and while sneezing or coughing – tissue paper or elbow should be used to cover 
  6. If the driver or passenger has COVID19 like symptoms such as fever, cough – they must stop providing and taking ride-sharing service and should seek medical help 
  7. If any of the aforementioned conditions are not met, the driver or passenger can give a  review through the ride-sharing app and can cancel the ride if desired.
  8. Promote riders to use their own helmets when possible 
  9. Recommend wearing shower caps for riders

 4. Training

We ensure that each driver-partner has completed mandatory ride-sharing specific educational videos on maintaining personal hygiene, social distancing, and use of PPEs. Modules for  training shall include

  1. Personal Hygiene & Awareness: Distribute awareness material to driver-partners for easy reference.
  2. Mask Usage: Sensitise driver-partners about the correct way to use a face mask through video, audio training, and infographics. Through our technology, we can ensure that Uber drivers are wearing a mask every time they log in to the app. 
  3. Vehicle Sanitisation: Step by step tutorial on disinfection of vehicles with each driver-partner.
  4. Mandatory Driver Educational video: In-house training video made for driver awareness on usage of PPE.

5. Feedback

In order to ensure compliance and enforcement of all the safety guidelines, Uber is making efforts to train and educate drivers by in-person & video training as well as messages; to improve awareness among riders by sending communications and notifications through various channels.

Safety is of utmost importance and hence any non-compliance results in the suspension of the account of the driver-partner/rider.

  1. Face mask Check: Uber has put in place measures to verify if the driver-partner/rider is wearing a mask within the vehicle. If any of the party complains that the other party wasn’t wearing the mask, an action is taken against after a detailed inquiry on the same. 
  2. Reactive Account Suspension: Uber has incorporated a two-way feedback mechanism to identify safety concerns from users. Riders and Driver-partners are encouraged to report any risk to their health at the end of the trip. This reporting is taken as input to investigate the report and based on the result, the account is suspended for being COVID patients for a defined amount of time.
  3. Proactive Actioning: Face mask check is also conducted proactively through Mutumbo (discussed earlier). Drivers without face masks are suspended until they comply with the safety requirements.

Notice published by BRTA, Sep 4th 2020:

  • BRTA has given the permission for the motorbikes for the ridesharing, those having BRTA enlistment certificate for ridesharing under any ridesharing service provider company enlisted under BRTA in the DTCA area that means Dhaka metro, Gazipur metro, Dhaka, Narayanganj, Munshiganj, Manikganj, Narsingdi, & Gazipur district. The rider and driver have to maintain the following health directives during ridesharing:-
    • It has to be ensured that the driver and rider must wear a mask, faceshield, hand gloves and there must be enough hand sanitizer for sanitizing hands.
    • Driver & rider must wear quality helmets (of certain criteria) and the helmets have to be sanitized before and after the trips.
    • Before and after the trip motorcycle has to be sanitized with disinfectants. Apart from that there has to be a facility for the driver to sanitize the handbag of the rider with disinfectant.
    • The standard operating procedure of BRTA in Appendix -A for health safety has to be followed mandatorily. Drivers have to be given training regarding the SOP.
    • Apart from this there can be only one passenger in the motorbike and for the female passengers extra precautions have to be taken.
    • No motorbike can do ridesharing by app without a ridesharing enlistment certificate.
    • Motor vehicles with expired tax tokens and enlistment certificates cannot provide ridesharing service.
    • Every motorbike during the ridesharing service must carry the original enlistment certificate, registration certificate, tax token & driving license.
  • Legal actions will be taken against any person who is found to be in violation of the above directions.
  • In this regard all the concerns are directed to take necessary measures.

Md. Lokman Hossain Molla
Director (Engineering)
Phone: 02-55040716

Appendix-A: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

(A)In compliance with guidelines/directives issued by the health directorate training has to be provided through material such as videos/pictures/tutorials must be arranged for the health and safety of those involved in ridesharing
(B)The ridesharing app must include govt advisory, best practice guidelines and related protocols regarding prevention of the spread of Covid 19. To be able to start providing ridesharing services the driver must have access to easy reading material regarding Covid 19
(C)While on trip refrain from touching mouth/nose/eyes. At the end of the trip hands have to be sanitised using alcoholic sanitisers. When coughing or sneezing tissue must be used, or mouth/nose must be covered by the bend of the elbow
(D)Driver or rider should not engage in ridesharing/avail ridesharing services if they are physically unwell. Both the rider and driver should be able to provide feedback through the app on whether the driver/rider exhibited any Covid 19 symptoms
(E)The app should have a mechanism to provide feedback on Covid 19 prevention measures
(F)Drivers and riders should be encouraged to use digital payments (eg bKash, Rocket, Nagad) for payment of fares. Where fares are paid in cash, hands have to be sanitised after handling the cash
(G)While parked, the driver should maintain social distance while waiting for the rider and rider and driver should use caution and maintain distance to the extent possible
(H)If possible, while on trip the driver should use PPE. Rider and driver should use caution and maintain distance to the extent possible
(I)All other health guidelines issued by national (health department) and international (WHO) organisations must be adhered to