An Uber can now get you to the World Cup in England

May 9 / Dhaka

No matter who the World Cup favourites are, the fans will win.

Great news for cricket fans – you can now win free tickets to the World Cup in England. All you need to do is take some Uber rides and you can go from cheering in front of your TV to cheering in the stadium in England. So every time you’re using Uber, remember that you’re getting closer and closer to the World Cup.

Contest dates

13 May 2019 – 02 July 2019

How to participate

  • Every Uber ride order will get you a certain number of runs
  • You’ll be regularly notified about your total number of runs, and you can also use the Uber app to track your runs any time
  • Once you collect a certain number of runs, you’ll qualify for a chance to win a match package for the World Cup in England, and other exciting prizes

If you want to know more about how runs are awarded and how many you need to qualify for different prizes, keep reading.

Scoring criteria

The type of ride you take decide the number of runs you make.

  • For rides taken on UberMoto and UberX
  • For rides taken on UberPremier, UberInterCity, UberXL, UberHire

Rewards Eligibility

Scoring a certain number of runs within a specific time period will make you eligible for winning rewards such as World Cup packages, that includes Match tickets, travel and stay. Runs scored in a week will be carried forward to subsequent weeks. Please refer to T&Cs below.

20 Runs

Special discount 

Score runs between 13th May’19 to 19th May’19 and get a special discount applied to your Uber account to help you get closer to watching the World Cup live in England!

Winner Announcement: 21st May'19

40 runs

Special Discount and Uber x ICC Jerseys

Score 40 runs between 13th May’19 to 26th May’19 and get a higher special discount applied on your account and enter the lucky draw to win Uber x ICC cricket jerseys!

Winner Announcement: 28th May’19

60 Runs

World Cup package

Score 60 runs between 13th May’19 to 2nd June’19 and be one of 4 lucky winners to win the chance to watch the World Cup in England.

Winner Announcement: 4th June’19.

100 Runs

Special Uber x ICC Jerseys 

Score runs between 13th May’19 to 16th June’19. 
Winner Announcement: 18th June’19.

125 Runs

Television Sets and Uber x ICC Cricket Kits

Score runs between 13th May’19 to 30th June’19. 
Winner Announcement: 2nd July’19.

Winner Selection

  • Winners will be chosen at random from the pool of eligible participants
  • If you’re one of the winners, you’ll be notified via SMS / E-mail
  • Further information on how to collect your reward will be given over the phone
  • In case you don’t meet the first target score required, your runs will cumulate and get added to the runs you score the following week for you to meet the second target score, and so on.

England is calling, and only the highest run-getters have a chance of making it to the World Cup. So book your ride and buckle up, because this time, the fans will win!

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