Looking for a cheaper alternative to get to your next game of footy or to check out that gallery you’ve always wanted to drop in to? Good news; Uber Pool is back in Melbourne, giving you access to Uber’s most affordable ride. 

Switched off at the start of the pandemic, we used the time to reimagine the Uber Pool offering to provide riders with the best, most affordable experience. 

With Melbournians back to pre pandemic patterns of travel, we want to help riders save money, reduce congestion and lower emissions.

Now our most affordable ride is live, you’ll save up to 30% if a ride is shared with others and if there are no matches you’ll only pay the upfront Pool fare, which may be up to 10% less than a standard UberX fare.

How Pool Works:

  1. Request: Open the Uber app, enter your destination, and scroll down to the Uber Pool ride option. You’ll see the upfront price, which may be up to 10% less than the comparable UberX fare. 
  2. Ride: The app will try to match your car with other riders heading your way. Save up to 30% if you’re matched with fellow riders.
  3. Roll on: Hop out and if you had a good trip, remember to give your driver-partner 5 stars.