To mark World EV Day, Uber has taken another step towards enhancing the accessibility and affordability of electric vehicles (EVs) for driver-partners in Australia. Teaming up with charging contractor EVSE Australia, Uber has secured discounts on cutting-edge at-home EV chargers, making the transition to electric transportation more seamless.

Uber’s partnership with EVSE brings discounts and financing options from Brighte for the Ocular LTE Plus EV Chargers. These chargers are available to driver-partners now, with two convenient payment options:

  • Purchase Outright: Driver-partners can make a one-time upfront payment, enjoying a 20% discount on hardware and 10% off installation.
  • Financing Option via Brighte: Driver-partners can purchase the EV Chargers from EVSE, via financing with Brighte, with a flexible >12-month term and a 0% interest rate.

Additionally, driver-partners in Australia can enjoy a 10% discount on accessories, such as portable chargers, ensuring they have the necessary tools to enhance their EV charging experience.

GM of Uber ANZ Dom Taylor said the partnership with EVSE marks a significant milestone in Uber’s journey towards becoming a fully electric, zero-tailpipe emission platform by 2040.

“Sustainability shouldn’t be complicated; it should be effortless,” Mr Taylor said. 

“We are constantly looking for ways to make it easier for driver-partners to embrace sustainable options, and affordable at-home EV charging is an important piece of that puzzle.

“In Australia this year alone Uber has seen the number of EVs available on the platform double. By providing incentives to driver-partners, partnership deals like this one with EVSE, launching green products like Uber Green and by promoting the overall benefits of EVs, we aim to make electric transportation accessible and affordable for all our driver-partners,” Mr Taylor said. 

Brendan Wheeler CoFounder and Director of EVSE Australia said he was thrilled to embark on this groundbreaking partnership between Uber and EVSE.

‘We’re united by a shared commitment to decarbonise transportation and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. Together, we will revolutionise the way people move, while having an outsized impact on emissions reductions by promoting sustainable mobility solutions,” Mr Wheeler said. 

“The cost per kilometre travelled and total cost of vehicle ownership when you go electric is now incredibly attractive for driver-partners that choose to earn with Uber, and all Australians so this economic carrot is driving the green outcomes we all want to see.

By harnessing the power of innovation and electric mobility, we’re not just changing the way we move; we’re changing the world, one electrifying journey at a time,” Mr Wheeler said.   

Shifting to an EV offers tangible benefits, such as a lower cost per kilometre travelled. With the Ocular EV Chargers, users can charge 300-600 km of range for around $10-$20, compared to the $80+ cost of a full tank of unleaded petrol or diesel.