This weekend, the NSW Government Taskforce reviewing the point-to-point transport industry released over 5,600 submissions made by the Sydney community and the message was clear – Sydney wants ridesharing!

But don’t just take our word for it, check out what our neighbours had to say…

“We are strongly of the view that ridesharing services such as Uber have a role to play in meeting the needs of the community generally, and of our clients who are blind or have low vision in particular.” – Vision Australia

“Uber has become integral to my lifestyle and financial security. As a self-funded retiree I require a flexible manner to earn additional dollars. Unfortunately I am at an age where I found it impossible to find employment since retirement. Being an Uber driver has delivered a flexible income to supplement our retirement and made me once again feel useful.” – Sydney driver-partner

“New providers in the car and ridesharing space are harnessing opportunities that have the potential to transform and improve the way Sydneysiders get around.” The Committee for Sydney

“With the changing technological landscape, it is clear that we need a rebalancing of the regulatory environment. We need a framework that is flexible enough to respond to the dynamic forces in the market and that strikes the right balance between ensuring safety and service standards while at the same time not stifling innovation.” – Tourism & Transport Forum

“We can see the potential for ridesharing services to provide alternative transport options that may be more affordable and flexible for carers, older people and people with disability.” – Carers NSW

“New forms of point to point transport, such as ridesharing services, have the potential to improve transport access for people with disability and older people.” – Council of Social Services

“As a gay young disabled man I have had shocking experiences with taxis so much so that I never want to use them again. Uber’s service has been amazing, very professional and sensitive to my needs, taking me on my trips to various hospitals to see my specialists. I would not be able to go to these doctors without Uber because I can’t afford frequent taxi trips.” – Sydney rider

“The recent changes in the point to point transport industry are happening as a result of technological innovation and competition, and are delivering positive results for consumers.” – Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal

“Services such as UberX/UberAssist…provide healthy competition for the taxi industry and ensure a better level of service for many of its cohort in the long run.” – Physical Disability Council of NSW

“Suncorp supports a simplified and flexible regulatory environment for point to point transport services to allow the industry to innovate in accordance with consumer demands.” – Suncorp

“For me and my 55 year old single mum it’s about safety. They’re vetted drivers, not just by Uber but by everyone using the star rating, who are then tracked with GPS. Also there’s no cash. Plus I can watch my mums trips on it. I can’t tell you how much safer that makes her feel.” – Sydney rider

Thanks to everyone in Sydney who took the time to make their voice count and help bring much needed reform to our city’s transport system. The Government’s Taskforce has noticed.

“It’s clear that the regulatory framework needs updating to reflect changes in customer demands and emerging technologies and community feedback will play a key role in helping the taskforce shape its recommendations.” – Professor Gary Sturgess, NSW Taskforce Chair

Uber On Sydney!