In these unprecedented times, all businesses need to focus on what they do well, and that can mean saying goodbye to products that have not been so successful. Uber is no different. We’re constantly looking at ways we can improve the Uber app and sometimes that means removing options that are no longer meeting the needs of our users. 

That’s why from 31 Aug 2020, the option to book the UberTAXI product via the Uber app will no longer be available in Sydney, the only market in Australia where this option was available. 

The UberTAXI option was introduced in the app in 2013, before UberX made peer-to-peer ridesharing a reality for Australians. This option allowed users to book a Taxi via the Uber platform and was one of just a few options in the app in Sydney, alongside Uber Black.

When the popularity of UberX took off, we kept the UberTAXI product there to meet the needs of those who preferred to use that option. However, over time the popularity of UberTAXI in the Uber app waned, and competition has propelled traditional transport operators to introduce better app booking options for their customers. 

So, it’s time to say goodbye to this option and focus our passion and resources on what we do best. We let all drivers registered to use UberTAXI know of this decision on 31 July 2020, as well as riders who have recently used this option. We look forward to bringing Sydneysiders more Uber options that best fit their needs.