Forget Cyber Monday, Uber Eats is unleashing ice cream week. Six cities, six days, six thousand free pints of Ben and Jerry’s (delivery fee still applies) and it launches today.

To usher in the start of the summer we’ve all been waiting for, we’ve paired up with Uber Eats favourite Ben and Jerry’s to celebrate with thousands of free pints of delicious ice cream (delivery fee applies) for Uber Eats app users in select cities across the country. If the virtual influencer ice cream van visits your city, simply find the code and follow the steps to claim a free pint of ice cream, and cover the delivery fee.

To bring on the sweltering heat, we’ll help app users work up a mental sweat as they go on a cyber treasure hunt to find the code of the day. We’re not going to make it too tricky, the Uber Eats instagram page is a pretty safe bet for the latest daily clues designed to reveal which famous local face has the code for their city.  

The campaign kicks off today in Melbourne with over a thousand Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pints up for grabs. Then the virtual ice cream van will go on a mainland road trip, heading north to Sydney and Brisbane before jumping cross-country for a virtual pop up in Perth, a stopover in Adelaide and finally touchdown at its final destination on the glittering Gold Coast.

Be quick, this offer is limited so only the day’s fastest sleuths will be able to claim their Ben and Jerry’s bounty.

To help get you underway, here’s a cryptic clue to which influencer might be holding the final code in our first city.

  • Melbourne – Tuesday, December 1 – Rather than unmask the location of our first code, all we’ll reveal is that if you live in Victoria this person could be right next door.
  • Sydney – Wednesday, December 2   
  • Brisbane – Thursday, December 3   
  • Perth – Friday, December 4 
  • Adelaide – Saturday, December 5  
  • Gold Coast – Sunday, December 6