The Australian Open is about so much more than just world class tennis. It’s a celebration of athleticism, music, food and of course the city of Melbourne. 

Uber Eats is delighted to continue our affiliation as an official partner of the tournament. 

Not everyone can watch the greatest tennis players in the world live from the Rod Laver Arena or the precinct. So the team at Uber Eats is delighted to have created more magic moments that will serve as a special treat for those catching the action at home.

Uber Eats has enlisted the help of the biggest names in tennis, and the star of Australian television’s most viral campaign of 2019, Sharon Strzelecki, to make sure we’re bringing another level of entertainment and joy to viewers of the Australian Open.

Prepare for the trials and tribulations of a sporting star in transition as Sharon, former netballing great and Australian sporting consultant to Kim Kardashian, struggles to grasp exactly what it takes to master the art of being a ball-person. All with the pressure of impressing her newest gal-pal Serena Williams.

We’ve lifted the bar when it comes to the situations all our tennis stars find themselves in, so viewers are again able to enjoy these comedic moments seamlessly inside this year’s world-class broadcast

The Uber Eats team is not just planning on enhancing the broadcast with playful, lighthearted and entertaining moments. Uber Eats will continue to be a convenient accompaniment to one of Australia’s – and  the world’s – premiere sporting events.

As the official online food delivery app for the Australian Open, we ensure tennis fans don’t have to miss a moment of the action, simply use the app to get access to more than 20,000 restaurants across the country.