Whether you’re running late to meet friends, rushing home to see the kids, or just heading home after a long day at work, there are moments when every minute counts.

With more than 60,000 driver-partners on the road and an average wait time of under four minutes across Australia*, you can rely on a ride when you need it most. This is the focus of Uber’s latest brand campaign with Special Group, ‘See you soon’, and how it provides certainty to 3.8 million riders across Australia, who rely on the ridesharing platform every day.

“We believe that good things can happen when people move – opportunities appear, open up, and become reality. There are times when you need to get from A to B quickly and we are committed to helping Australians access the fastest pickup times possible. Given the high number of driver-partners who provide reliable trips every day, when Aussies are ordering a ride with Uber and saying ‘see you soon’ to their mates or loved ones, they really mean it,” said Steve Brennen, Uber’s Marketing Director for Australia and New Zealand.

“‘See you soon’ is a simple, beautiful reflection of real life,” says Special Group ECD, Tom Martin. “Most of us don’t even realise how often we say it, particularly when getting a ride with Uber.”

“It’s three words said every day by people regardless of age, life stage or situation,” added Julian Schreiber, Special Group ECD. “We knew this was a powerful sentiment that perfectly expressed how people feel about the reliability of the Uber app.”

Uber has been operating in Australia for nearly six years, with riders and driver-partners firmly embracing ridesharing as a safe, reliable, and affordable way to get from A to B. Collectively, Uber driver-partners have travelled more than two billion kilometers on Aussie roads to date, bringing a wealth of trusted experience and knowledge to help ensure riders get to their destination safely.

The campaign will run across TV, cinema, digital, social, OOH, live OOH and online radio. It will also be featured at the MCG during the AFL grand final.

The ad campaign follows Uber’s recent brand refresh that was rolled out globally, including a simplified logo for the Uber app. The updated design is easily recognisable for the millions of users that rely on Uber to help them get from A to B on a regular basis.

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*Average national wait time across all Australian cities where Uber operates in September, 2018.