Six months ago I announced that we were launching a trial of UberPool in Perth. Back then we couldn’t be 100% sure if the demand was there, from riders or drivers, to make a product like UberPool a success. 

Well, any concerns that Perth wouldn’t love UberPool have well and truly gone. In just 6 months we’ve already seen tens of thousands of Uber riders give Pool a go in Perth. Since the start of 2020, Pool riders in Perth have saved themselves an average of 42% compared to the cost of an UberX fare. 

The results haven’t just been great for riders’ hip pockets – the signs also point to reduced congestion and benefits for the environment. 

In the past 6 months, if Perth riders had driven alone instead of sharing their rides, we estimate that almost 650,000 additional kilometres would have been travelled. 

That means by sharing their rides with UberPool, we estimate Perth riders have saved close to 115,000 litres of fuel and avoided around 80,000 kilograms of additional co2 into the atmosphere.

UberPool is an innovative product that makes it easy for people heading in a similar direction at a similar time to share the journey. By getting more people in fewer cars, we can help cut congestion, reduce emissions over time, and make transport more affordable.

We’re excited to see UberPool is already a hit among Perth riders, helping kickstart a new wave in the share economy that will save people money and help our cities move more efficiently over time.

I’d encourage Perth locals who haven’t given UberPool a try yet to give the next big thing in rideshare a shot.

Here’s how it works. 

  1. Request and wait for your pickup spot

Enter your destination and request UberPool. Then, wait a few minutes upfront while your trip is matched with other riders heading in a similar direction.

  1. Walk to your pickup spot

With UberPool, you’ll walk a short distance to a pickup spot near you – simply follow the in-app walking directions. This helps keep detours to a minimum and pickups faster for everyone. 

  1. Share the ride and the cost   

UberPool matches you with other riders heading in a similar direction. When you share the ride, you also share the cost. Perth riders on average have saved 42% compared to the cost of an UberX trip since the start of 2020. Additional fees apply if you take a Pool trip with an extra passenger.  

  1. Walk to your destination

You’ll be dropped off close to your destination. You’ll need to follow the walking directions in the app for a short walk to your chosen destination.