We’re excited to announce the trial of a new Uber ride, Pool Chance, which will cut costs for Adelaide riders when they share their ride with others heading in the same direction. 

This trial of Pool Chance is exclusive to Adelaide and Auckland and will give riders the chance to save when they share their ride with others. If there’s no one else heading the same way, the cost will be the same as the equivalent UberX fare. 

By sharing a ride, people can save between 10% to 25% on their trip (saving more when more riders join their trip).

Plus, to celebrate the trial launch, we’re guaranteeing that every person who gives Pool Chance a go will save 25% (up to a maximum of $20) off their fare even if they’re not paired with another rider until May 20. If they are paired, they’ll also save the regular Pool Chance savings of at least another 10% on top. 

Not only will Pool Chance help Aussies potentially save money, but it can also help reduce congestion and lower emissions by helping reduce the number of cars on the road. 

At Uber, we’re passionate about helping people live car free or car light lifestyles, and helping drive sustainable transport forward. I’m hopeful that Pool Chance will be another way we can do just that in Adelaide, and if locals like it, we’ll bring it to more cities in Australia and around the world.