Today we are announcing a new Partner Support Package for driver and delivery partners in Australia who use the Uber apps to earn money.

Our partners come from different walks of life and have different motivations for choosing Uber: from retirees, to parents, immigrants, students and entrepreneurs.  Some people use Uber to earn on the side, or save up for a holiday, while others are logging on to support their families, their ambitions, or both.

Whatever their situation, we know they value the freedom of being their own boss and choosing if, when and where they drive or deliver.

But they have also told us they want more support if something goes wrong.

In September this year we launched an in-app emergency assistance button and safety toolkit, to help both riders and drivers stay protected and connected on trip.

A new Partner Support Package

From today, eligible driver and delivery partners in Australia are now insured by Chubb for on-trip accidents, providing different types of payments if they are injured and unable to work.

We are also partnering with a counselling provider Converge to help drivers and delivery partners, as well as Uber riders, if something goes wrong while they are using the app – providing a more tailored solution compared to our previous approach.

Uber is funding this support package with no additional costs to partners.

This is an important step as we continue to listen, improve and evolve how we partner with people who drive and deliver with Uber. As we go forward, we will continue to focus our efforts on helping them get the most from their time using our apps and make progress towards their goals.

We look forward to working with a range of stakeholders on longer term policy solutions that better support independent workers, including those who are accessing multiple earning opportunities.

Read more about the support package.