Today, the Australian Federal Government announced the introduction of the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES) legislation, a significant move towards a more sustainable transportation landscape in Australia. 

We congratulate the Australian Government and welcome this development, which will help attract more affordable electric vehicle (EV) models to Australia and lower the operating cost of fuel on new vehicles. Uber has a global ambition to eliminate tailpipe emissions and become a zero-emissions platform by 2040.

Uber driver-partners are keen to switch to EVs but the number one barrier in their way is the high upfront cost of the models and lack of availability in Australia. A strong NVES will help address these barriers, paving the way for more EVs on the Uber platform for both drivers and riders to enjoy.

Promoting transition for high kilometre users, like rideshare drivers, can have an outsized impact in accelerating emission reduction. One EV on Uber goes a long way, with EV drivers on the platform realising four times the emissions reduction benefits when compared to average car owners.

Uber will continue supporting drivers transition through our incentive programs and industry partnerships, however it is integral that industry and government work together to get the policy settings right. Operating across 10,000 cities in 71 countries, we have seen globally how policies like NVES can generate positive outcomes as a climate change mitigation measure. 

This announcement marks a milestone that places Australia among the world’s most advanced economies; to have introduced effective vehicle efficiency standards. Coupled with the government’s support and participation, we look forward to further amplifying our global ambition to eliminate tailpipe emissions by 2040.